Home school Curriculum Options For The Mom That’s Keeping The Little’s Home

With Covid-19 cases quickly increasing and the school year approaching, parents are being left with a tough decision to make. Do they send their children back to school when they reopen in a few weeks, or do they keep them at home and home school them? As a mom and educator, I’ve had many parents ask me what I did I think was the best call, and honestly there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. My personal opinion is, if you’re able to keep your children home and go virtual or home school that would be your safest and best bet. While homeschooling may not be the easiest option for some parents, I personally believe that right now it is the best option. If you are choosing to home school and aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry sis I got your back. Keep reading for some great homeschooling curriculum options.

Rod and Staff

Rod and Staff is a great option for your preschool learners, ages 3-5. It comes in many different series that teaches different skills, and every series comes with 3 books. This curriculum is simple and it focuses on teaching kids their letters, numbers, how to properly handle materials and much more. The best part about Rod and Staff is that they are budget friendly and wont break the bank.

Jump Math

Jump Math is a great option for teaching Math to students because it teaches Common Core Math. I know that many parents aren’t a fan of Common Core Math but the reality is that is how we teach Math today. Jump Math offers a curriculum for Kindergarten to 8th grade math. Jump Math is another budget friendly option.

The Good and The Beautiful.

I’ve read great things about “The Good and The Beautiful” its a christian curriculum that features high quality literature. This curriculum is great because it has a curriculum for all grade levels as well as every subject. I also really like that they offer elective options as well. While they may not be as cheap as the other two options listed above, they are a great price for an entire curriculum. They also offer a digital copy for much cheaper than the hard copy.


Abeka is another great option if you are looking for a one stop for all type of curriculum. This homeschooling curriculum offers something for kids aged 18-24 months to 12th grade. My son’s private school actually uses this curriculum and I will be honest when I say that I am impressed. The only downside to this curriculum that the price is a bit more on the more expensive side.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

When researching for different curriculums to share with you guys, this book kept coming up. I’ve read so many reviews from parents raving about this book. All of the reviews mention how important it is for parents to thoroughly read through the instructions because they are detailed, however they also all swear that it works. The best part is that this book is currently on sale on Amazon for only $13. Sis, what are you waiting for, go buy it right now!

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