Birthing yourself and how to deal

Birthing yourself? Huh? What does that even mean? You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this another modern term for addressing your inner child?” Well, not quite… “Birthing yourself” simply means you carried a baby for 9 months and that baby came out a clone copy of you! From features, to mannerisms, and all the way down to your attitude! We all want a mini me until they are your 30-year-old self nicely compacted in a little 5-year-old body. I mean I don’t even want to deal with myself at times, lol…and just my luck to deal with young me and current me in my mini me.

So how do you manage without going crazy? Most likely, what works your nerves is going to work their nerves as well so be patient. To be honest if you don’t have patience you don’t need to have kids, PERIODT! Because the children are going to children regardless and your patience will be tested.

As we all are more aware of self-care these days and nurturing our inner child, this concept can definitely be applied to help us with our own mini-me. Go back to your seven year old self and think about what you needed as that little person. I needed explanation as a child not just the typical parent phrase: “Because I said so.” Taking your time to acknowledge your child in this manner helps appease the tension of raising someone just like you.

Your mini-me reincarnation does not have to be a such a stressful experience! Patience goes a long way especially coupled with understanding triggers and not pulling that trigger. Catering to your child’s specific needs will allow for a much more trustworthy parent-child relationship. If you too have birthed yourself let me know in the comments below.

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