Boosie, you can go to hell…respectfully!

There was a time when Lil’ Boosie was a big part of my undergraduate college experience. Being down in “the boot” with two of my closest friends being from Baton Rouge, Lil’ Boosie was always in heavy rotation. Whether we were in the dorm fooling around and kicking it or out at a party you could most definitely find us doing The Ratchet. But that was over a decade ago. And with the rise of social media, whether we like it or not, we have gotten to know the inner thoughts and personal feelings of most of our favorite entertainers and celebrities. While social media proves to be a tool to keep us connected with entertainers it also exposes those who are problematic. Boosie is one of those celebrities who is very problematic.

This man has been a problem.

Now, while I was a fan of the music, a man with eight children and six baby mama’s can’t give me advice on shit. Time and time again, Boosie proves to be a homophobic, misogynistic asshole. Why do people keep interviewing this man to get his thoughts on anything, is beyond me. Wasn’t he just hiring a stripper for his 14-year-old son’s birthday to give the minor fellatio; in hopes the statutory rape would sway his son from turning gay [insert eye roll]. C.P.S. should have been called, if you ask me.

Then the rapper gave his thoughts on Zaya Wade, the transgender daughter of Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. Boosie took to social media to plead with the retired basketball star to not cut off his daughter’s “manhood” as if it was any of his business to begin with.  And let us not forget his live sessions on Instagram (which were most likely the culprit that got his account delated). Women were encouraged by the rapper to remove their clothes to show tits and lips (and not the ones on your face) for him and thousands of other viewers for cashapp deposits.

Recently, the rapper was interviewed and asked about his thoughts on Ms. Lori Harvey. And to no surprise the rapper said she is not goals for women. He said Lori Harvey is a bad example for girls and she should not be looked up to. Now you know we stan Ms. Lori Harvey over here at High On Beignets. We applaud Ms. Harvey for dating, living her life, and moving on to the next ever so flawlessly.

We have never heard any of the previous men she has dated bash her, nor has she popped up pregnant, nor have we seen her holding on to a man who no longer serves her highest being just for the sake of having a man. In a funny twist, Boosie said Lori is being praised for dating men one after another while women who stay with men (who are clearly mistreating and not valuing said woman) are being torn down. Well, let’s get this straight right now! Every young woman in her 20’s should most definitely be moving on to the next man when dating with one doesn’t work out! Your 20’s is not for settling; they’re for living your life and having fun.

Now you go too far…

Boosie even went as far to call Michael B. Jordan a “simp”. Boosie, you can go all the way to hell…respectfully! You know damn well you could never, ever in your wildest dreams even attempt to breath in the same air as a Lori Harvey!

As Boosie’s thoughts have garnered much attention in the last couple of days, this man decided to take to social media to double down on his thoughts on Lori Harvey. Go figure. Now, Boosie once said his mother told him after giving unwarranted advice about Zaya Wade that he should stay out of other people’s business. This man has yet to take heed. Baby Jesus be a muzzle! Not to mention, the rapper took to social media to ask his fans who had the insulin he needed that manages his diabetes. Dude, really?!? So not only are you out here speaking reckless about our black queens but you don’t even have the medication you need to keep your dumb ass alive? This man’s priorities are way OFF!

The moral of this story is, “Mind the business that pays you!” Chime in with your thoughts below in the comment area.

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  • Linda Sevalia -

    This feels like he shot his shot and got shot down by Miss Harvey. He is protesting and complaining way too much. Must have got his feelings hurt. Why do you care about her dating activities sir? #sourgrapes

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