But what that energy look like tho? Big Dick Energy Vs. Small Dick Energy

How Toxic Masculinity can affect your energy

If you’ve been paying attention to our previous posts, you’d notice that we are really big on energy over here. We’re out here manifesting dope shit, getting aligned, drinking our water and minding our business. We’re charging our crystals and saging our space. Simply put, we’re doing major inner work. So what does that mean for the men in our lives? Of course we need them to be vibrating on the same frequency, if not higher right? Before we check what that bank account is like, we have to see what that energy is hitting for, because let’s be honest, if we don’t align then you can’t be mine. Okayyyy!

In terms of the energy we want our partners to possess, it may seem complex, but it really boils down to two things: Big Dick Energy vs. Small Dick Energy. A few of you may be scratching your heads right now so allow me to enlighten you. This energy is not to be confused with physical anatomy, as a person with a smaller penis can definitely have Big Dick Energy and a person with a bigger penis can unfortunately have small dick energy. Even though we’d still prefer…you know what, let me move on. If you’re unsure what type of energy your man has or even for the fellas that’s reading who wants to see which type of energy resonates with you, stay tuned while I jump into it. What exactly is the difference between Small Dick Energy and Big Dick Energy?


Let’s start with Small Dick Energy. The name obviously speaks for itself, but let me delve deeper into the subject. For starters, Small Dick Energy, is shallow and misogynistic. It often shows up in men that aren’t healed and have unresolved trauma so that energy shows up in the way they treat women. These men typically view women as property instead of equals. It’s almost like, they like women only for sex and nothing else. Small dick energy overcompensates in a number of ways. Most notably, you’ll see men overcompensating by having multiple women because that’s how they seek validation that they’re worthy. Small dick energy is big on quantity and not so much quality. So while they may have a plethora of women, they usually aren’t worth much.

Small dick energy is loud and self-seeking. It’s very “look at me-esque.” Believe it or not, you’ll typically see this energy in guys that are wildly successful, but not successful because they’re driven to do well, but because they’re driven by the need to shit on women who didn’t want them back in the day. I’m sure a few guys you went to High School with came to mind. These guys also overcompensate by being flashy, showing money and just doing the absolute most to disguise the fact that they’re lacking where they should be packing. Unsurprisingly, these are the guys that suck in bed because they don’t think of making sure their woman is satisfied, but only making sure they get them. This is NOT the energy we want to see in our men, and guys I know this isn’t the energy you want to have. Fellas, if you saw yourself while reading this, assess and make adjustments as needed.


Now on to Big Dick Energy. This is the energy we LOVE and for good reason. Big Dick Energy is quiet. It doesn’t have to brag or boast because it knows what it’s bringing to the table. When you get it, you’ll know. Big dick energy is selfless and has more than likely tapped into his Divine Feminine Energy. He knows that being a great man has a lot to do with how he treats his woman. He holds his woman in high regards and doesn’t take her for granted. He treats her as the Queen she is. Unlike Small Dick Energy, Big Dick Energy values quality over quantity. He’s not out here slinging his piece to every female that wants it. He realizes that he is also a prize and that his piece is reserved for the special woman in his life.

Big Dick Energy is masculine. He does whatever needs to be done and is typically is very good with his hands which makes them excellent in bed. Big Dick Energy has very gentleman-like qualities. In the words of the illustrious Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., He makes his girl cum first and he arrives later. Big Dick Energy knows how to get it. This type of man is never ever broke even if his bank account is subpar because he’s rich in so many other areas and those type of men never lose. This is the energy we’re looking for. Guys, if you’re resonating with this energy, keep up the good work. We love to see it!


Now y’all know we like to keep it fair over here, so guys don’t take this as a bash sesh. Just reassess and do better if you find that you resonate with Small Dick Energy over Big Dick Energy. We also realize that every woman isn’t as far in her walk as other women and we can’t have our guys with Big Dick Energy out here settling for less. With that being said, stay tuned for Part II as we get into Goddess Pussy Energy vs. Stank Coochie Energy.

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  • Krystal Burrell Armstrong -

    Whew chile…a read!! I am certain no man will admit, even to themselves only, that they have SDE but I surely know a few.

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