An Inside look into the life of OnlyFans with Patrice “Iconic” Eileen.

An Inside Look at that OnlyFans bag with Patrice "Iconic" Eileen

I’m sure we’ve all seen the memes about seeing what that OnlyFans bag is hitting for and the controversy that surrounds it. Now whether you’re Pro-Sex Worker or have opposing views, there’s no denying that these girls are making it happen! If you’re unsure of what OnlyFans is, it’s an online platform that creators use to share content, (mostly adult content) and they’re paid by “fans” through a monthly subscription. Celebrities and non celebrities have taken to this site to get a piece of the pie. I wanted to get a more in depth view of what actually goes on behind the scenes, so I caught up with my girl Patrice “Iconic” Eileen who is absolutely dominating the OnlyFans game to fill me in. My girl gave us the blueprint on how she got started and plans to continue to dominate the game. Keep reading to get an inside look as we discuss the highs & lows, the pros and cons and how she balances it all.

Trice!! First and Foremost, you are absolutely killing it on OnlyFans! The pictures, the content, the outfits!!! I stannn! Now I’ve been knowing you for a while and you originally started out modeling. You’ve never had problem showing off your cute ass figure. When did you decide to make the transition between model and OnlyFans?

IE: Thanks! I appreciate the opportunity. For me OnlyFans is a modeling gig. Now is it different from the runway shows and Fashion Week? Yes, but I’m still a model of OnlyFans. I began webcam modeling after I needed extra money to pay off debt and I never turned back since. I was going through a domestic violence situation and had to feed my child, so I knew from that point I would hustle my ass off to never be put in that situation. When I first started I was only making $1.5K a month but it was helping me stay on top of my bills so I stuck to it. And now I’m like an OG, I even mentor other young entrepreneurs.

I love that! Turn your tragedies to triumph and secure the bag. Can’t be mad at that. So I saw recently that you got a new car ANDDD a new house from doing your thing on OnlyFans. You know a lot of women get a lot of slack in the media when they post how much they make from Only Fans and the opportunities it afforded them. How do you feel when you see negative backlash about what you’re doing?

IE: I am so grateful for the financial success this gig has presented to me. And I believe a lot of backlash comes from people with limited beliefs. We as a people (black people) tend to think we MUST “work hard“ one way and one way only in order for it to be recognized as “work” but in fact, we limit our bag thinking that online money isn’t real money. I’ve had friends make millions off OF alone not including Snapchat, IG, YouTube or Camsoda. There are so many ways to bring in the cash now especially after Covid, haters better get on board lol.

Yes! Let them know!!! I know people you look at you as just a sex symbol, but what most people may not know is that you have a Non Profit Organization. Would you like to touch more on that?

IE: Most people think once you become a mom, you’re no longer allow to be sexy, so between postpartum depression and other’s opinions, you start believing that. I started Given From a Mama, Inc. because I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and had no outlet or community to support me during that uncertainty as a first time mom. I found that many of us suffering in silence needed a safe space and that’s exactly what GFAM inc is we innerstand that a healthy mental state equals a wealthy family. And family starts with mamas!

That’s amazing! I’m definitely here for that. I think all mothers have been there at some point whereas they’re uncertain about feeling and being sexy. I’m glad that you were able to tap into your sexy and make it profitable. Speaking of motherhood, do you feel get a lot of shit about being a mom and being so open about your OF profession? You’re also married. Has that ever been an issue for your spouse? 

IE: The whole notion that sex workers shouldn’t have kids or be proud is bullshit. I left my “husbae” because he was allowing others to shame him for supporting. He has been in videos with me and even helped behind the scenes, but recently I just felt we were growing apart due to me making more money than him and wanting him to level up with me. It just became too much to balance his insecurities and supporting our family.
But I know it can work, you gotta have tough skin in this industry. 

That’s unforunate, but I absolutely agree. You have to have tough skin on both sides. I understand that everyone isn’t equipped to deal with everything that comes having a spouse on such a public forum.  Now you know I subscribed because I wanted to get a more in depth view and babyyyy!!! I don’t know what I was expecting, but I will say that it gave me a lot of insight. The content was dope. We had full nudes going on, sexy videos, THE WORKS! What caught my attention though, which may be minor to other people in comparison, was the captions. Your posts to your audience are so endearing and so personal. You didn’t make these people seem like freaks or nasty. You treat them like people. What made you take that approach?

IE: Hearing that you think that my captions are different from others or endearing really does mean a lot to me because I never want to seem like my fans are just customers or that this isn’t a personal experience for not only them, but for myself as well because I do custom content for them too. Treating them like real people and treating them like people that matter to me helps me engage with them better, helps me gain their trust, and helps me to be a better artist when I have to make content for them. They are my tribe, my supporters, because paid subscription separates the fakes from the real ones.

I can understand how paid subscriptions hit different instead of getting the free content from social media. A lot of people have so many questions about OF, but it’s not just taking pictures and uploading nudes. What’s been your good, bad and ugly experience since starting? 

IE: The bad is that people judge you for having one[.] No matter who you are, people automatically assume you’re a heaux, even if you’re not selling nudes or adult content because sex workers are the ones that made the platform popular. The ugly is people start to reveal who they really are when they find out you have one. Either they want to film with you for clout or they wanna borrow money. The good is the money and lucrative stream of income that has proven to be recession proof.

There’s good, bad and ugly in everything, but your persistence is truly admirable. There’s so many memes out there saying they wanna see what that OF bag is like. I lowkey/highkey wanna see what that bag is like myself. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get in the game?

IE: Although there’s drama in every work place, a lot of the OGs in the OF community are open to helping others succeed. I created an ebook and Mentorship program for new content creators trying to learn the game. If you stick to it and remain consistent, the bag could change your life.

That’s what I wanted to hear! I know in this game you have to be hungry and you have to create that content that keeps that money rolling in. As you know, a lot of women are jumping on that OnlyFans bandwagon. Do you view these women as competition? What are you offering that sets you apart?

IE: I’m happy that more women are joining OnlyFans. My only competion is me. I’m only competing with my previous goal from the month before. There is only one me and I’m very comfortable in my skin. I know my power and that’s what sets me apart from others. I’m not focused on other women, but I am open to helping them reach my level of success.

That’s dope! I love that you are so open to helping the next female. Everybody ain’t built like that. So what’s next for Iconic Eileen?How do you plan to transition from OnlyFans to the next phase of your life?

IE: The next step for me is going harder. Once I achieve my ultimate financial goals, I can retire from OnlyFans and focus on my other businesses. I’m looking to purchase an investment property to create a wellness center for GFAM, Inc.

Thank you so much! Gems were definitely dropped. Where can our readers keep up with you?

IE: So my all my social media handles are @ iconic3ileen IG/Twitter/FB and my OF I’m revamping but email for business inquiries: or and definitely make sure y’all subscribe at Thanks so much for the support! 

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