Cook Like a New Orleanian with Your Favorite Chef

Just in time for the holidays, the perfect gift for the cook in your life.

New Orleans is world renowned for their cuisine and any true New Orleanian knows the bold flavor comes from the seasoning. The “Holy Trinity” is a MUST but it never stops there – and we do not stop at salt and pepper. There are way too many herbs and spices out there to live a bland life and our taste buds just can’t handle the lack. Well no one has to worry about that anymore because now you can “Cook Like a New Orleanian” in the comfort of your own home.

I wanted to give my fellow foodies something to give them more confidence while feeding their families.

Chef Toya Boudy

Cook Like a New Orleanian with Chef Toya

Chef Toya Boudy

Chef Toya Boudy is a New Orleans native who is widely known for her appearances on Food Network, TLC, and now has a recurring spot on The Hallmark Channel. She is also known for her cinematic IGTV recipes she shares on her personal instagram. Toya is amazing at keeping people motivated in and out the kitchen. She makes everything look so easy (Hello Virgo!) because she is so genuine with her delivery – whether it is food or a motivating message. She has been dabbling in the kitchen since she was a child and hones her skills to her mother first. After completing culinary school and simply thriving from there, she took her first spin at sharing her gifts with the world on her YouTube series, Cooking with Chef Toya. Of course, it couldn’t stop there – she then released her first, and the first from a New Orleans chef, interactive cookbook titled Cook Like a New Orleanian. In this cookbook, she shares 20 classic dishes with a spin. After that success, Chef Toya decided that her path of sharing wasn’t done. As announced on Hallmark’s Home & Family today, this popular and most loved chef has just launched her own line of seasonings.

Line of Seasoning

I sat down to have a quick chat with Chef Toya to ask her about the line and what made her go that route. As always, she was a complete team player.

Being a New Orleans native, you’re surrounded by the best seasonings out there. What made you decide to launch your own line of seasonings?

“Well it was a combination of a few things, as a busy mom it isn’t the most ideal situation to need to get in and out of the kitchen quickly with recipes that require 6-8 different seasonings to achieve a good full flavor. I wanted to give my fellow foodies something to give them more confidence while feeding their families. Lastly, I wanted to add another dimension to my culinary footprint.”

As a chef, it makes sense to want to do a seasoning line but what makes your line different?

“My seasonings provide a full flavor that enhances the natural flavor of the foods without making them all taste the same. Also it’s a generous portion which is a cooks dream, because it’s 9.5 – 10.7 oz size you won’t run out as quickly as you normally would with other seasoning blends.”

You are highly known for your recipe videos and television appearances because you have an energy that is unmatched and your voice is so soothing. Can we expect to get exclusive IGTV content using your seasonings?

“OF COURSE! I’ve been creating recipes anticipating the release of my seasonings so now that it’s out, IT’S ON! I’m ready to have everyone wowing everyone just in time for the holidays!  Speaking of the holidays, I’m rolling out super easy holiday friendly recipes that will shave some of the holiday cooking intimidation that happens in the kitchen! I think everyone will be pleased!” 

I know for sure I will be pleased with this release. Chef Toya shares amazing recipes so to have the exact seasoning to match will be a game changer in everyone’s kitchen. The best part of this release? The price point. You can ourchase these LARGE seasonings for only $7.99 each or $27.99 for the entire set. I know I will be grabbing a few as gifts for the holidays.

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  • NICE!! Good article and it’s great to see “New Orleans’ own” doing big things?

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