Extended #StayAtHome Order or Not, We’re Celebrating Our Mama’s

Updated: May 3

From the looks of it, Covid-19 has had it’s way with the first half of 2020. And honestly, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. With Mother’s Day in just a few days, I’ve been thinking of ways to get creative with our celebration since we can’t engage in our traditional cookouts or Sunday morning brunches after church service. Truthfully, mothers deserve it now more than ever. We’ve become primary home school teachers and are seeing sides of our kids most of us parents didn’t know they had. Here is five loving ways to let your mom know, she’s appreciated.

Give her bedroom a makeover

This is such a cute gesture and a gift that is all about her. Giving her room a makeover can be replacing something outdated such as the TV, old furniture or bedding or you can go all out and redo the entire room with newly painted walls to match.

Intimate Picnic

The cutest! You can still take the cooking off of moms hands or keep it simple with sandwiches, fruit and wine. Your backyard, porch or a balcony would do. Just be creative.

DIY Spa Day

This can get tricky but with a little planning it can be done. Sis, know your strengths. Don’t go attempting a mani and pedi combo if you’ve never done one before. If hair styling and masking is your thing, stick to the script. Your mom will appreciate you for it.

Online Shopping Spree

Simple, load up a prepaid Visa and let mama buy some new things. If she’s not internet savvy do it with her. It’ll be a great experience for the both of you.

Brunch at home

Similar to the picnic vibes but there’s a little more cooking involved. Feel free to show off. Have the traditional breakfast staples but don’t forget to add the items that’ll make it an actual brunch… grilled or sauteed fish and chicken. Turning the kitchen counter into a cute mimosa bar would really set the brunch vibes.

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