The Cards Are Back – February 2021 Zodiac Predictions

Who will be flowing in money and who needs to cut people off?

We are in the second month of the year on Blue Ivy’s internet which means the February 2021 Zodiac Predictions are here and in full effect! Last month was a doozy but it went by so fast that I don’t even remember half of the things that happened. One thing I do know is a LOT happened and I honestly need to go back and watch last month’s predictions to see just what the cards said for me cause CHIIIIIILE…

Anywho, I won’t hold you with a ton of blabber, I know you are ready to get to it so here it is:

Aries – Cancer

Aries: Start; Taurus: 6:00; Gemini: 10:51; Cancer: 15:17

Leo – Scorpio

Leo: Start; Virgo: 7:40; Libra: 13:27; Scorpio: 18:33

Sagittarius – Pisces

Sagittarius: Start; Capricorn: 6:25; Aquarius: 13:09; Pisces: 17:43

Well…that was a lot! Some of you will have a crazy abundant month and some will have some tough decisions to make. I hope you enjoyed your February 2021 Zodiac Predictions. Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about what you heard for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

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