Numerology + Love: Life Path Number Compatibility

Finding your perfect mate based on your life path number.

Love Day was yesterday and while I still have you all in the love mood, I wanted to share some insight on your inner wiring that could give insight on not only your life in general, but also your love life. I know we touch a lot on the zodiac here, some astrology, but never on numerology. When it comes to the Universe and all that comes with it, there are so many factors that go into play – and numerology is an underrated hard hitter. Before I touch on Numerology + Love (and life path numbers), let me give some insight on what Numerology actually is. Buckle up, because we are going to have a quick history lesson.

Numerology and What It Can Do For You

Numerology has been around for millions of years – before numbers were even numbers and took on the form of alphabets (think ancient numbers that look like letters or symbols). Each letter was assigned a numeric value and those letter values, when used in a word, would be added together until it received a single digit number. This practice is called isopsephy and the concept is still practiced today in many ways.

Now, because numerology has been around for an eternity, there are many different kinds of numerology based on different cultures: Pythagorean, Chaladean, Kabbalah, Chinese, Abjad, and Twentieth-Century Numerology. For the sake of time, I am only going to touch on the modern version because this is the most recent and used today. With numerology, you can answer questions in your personal life, health, home, career, anything. You can have a time getting answers using simple math; because the numbers don’t lie. Today, though, we are going to only touch on the love compatibility using your Life Path Numbers so we don’t fall too far down the rabbit hole.

Numerology + Love: Life Path Numbers

Life Path Numbers, in short, is the calculation of your birth date down to a single digit. This number will give an indication as to which opportunities in life you will have and how you can make that path as easy as possible. Your life path number will not ever change so once you know it, learn it, because it will stick with you forever.

To calculate your life path number, simply speaking, calculate your birth date + birth month + birth year then take that total and add them together until you get a single digit. Not making sense? No worries, just click here. Now that you have that information, let’s show you who your perfect mate is based on your (and their) life path number.

Life Path 1: The Leader

Most compatible with Life Path 3: If you are looking for a free-loving relationship that allows you to be independent and creative, then a 3 is perfect for you. You two have a lot in common as far as expression but the hard-working ability of the 1 is balanced by the free nature of the 3 – and 3 will absolutely stroke your ego just like you like. Avoid 4 and 8.

Life Path 2: The Peacemaker

Most compatible with Life Path 2: What can I say? You are your own perfect match. As someone who is as emotional and family-oriented as you are, you need someone who will understand how your emotions truly work. There will be a great deal of respect and understanding here. If you are looking for more of a balance, go with a Life Path 8; they will be the provider to your homemaker life and will also be ok with your emotional outbursts. Avoid 5 and 9.

Life Path 3: The Creative

Most compatible with Life Path 5: I know you were expecting to be most compatible with a 1, which you are very compatible with because of the reasons stated above, but 5 is a WAY better fit. You have so much in common with a Life Path 5 that you can’t really go wrong on any aspect; socially, financially, personally, etc. They only issue is maybe being too compatible that you enhance the not so great traits too: Think Bobby and Whitney.

Life Path 4: The Workaholic

Most compatible with Life Path 8: Power couple anyone? If this is what you are looking for, then 8 is the perfect match for you. You both are about your paper (money and accolades) and will always bring an equal level of confidence in your relationship and business. No one will be jealous of the other because you share similar goals. You simply just get each other. Avoid 1, 5, and 9.

Life Path 5: The Free Spirit

Most compatible with Life Path 1: 5 tend to be compatible with a few numbers but 1 is the best fit. There is a respectable balance that comes with this pairing because there will never be a dull moment. You both like having your freedom but also like to pour into each other in new and exciting ways. A force solo, but an even bigger one combined. Avoid 2, 4, 8, and 9.

Life Path 6: The Humanitarian

Most compatible with Life Path 6: Just like 2, you are best with someone like you. You have a very caring and giving nature and need someone who can understand and respect that without taking advantage. This is a pairing that will be FULL of romance. Want less romance and more balance, go with a 9.

Life Path 7: The Intuitive Intellectual

Most compatible with Life Path 7: The only ones to truly understand you is another 7. You are full of intellect and so spiritually heightened that this is the only match for your desire to explore the world and the universe simultaneously. You can have a good relationship with a 5 but nothing like one with another 7. Avoid 8.

Life Path 8: The Executive

Most compatible with Life Path 4 (but could be just as successful with a 2): For the reasons stated above, you with a 4 is truly the ultimate power couple. If you are looking for more of a balance in your relationship, go with a 2. The 2 will be the nurturer in the home and will allow you to be the head of household and provider. It truly is a win-win either way. Avoid 1, 5, 7, and 9.

Life Path 9: The Nobleman

Most compatible with Life Path 9: Selfless is your middle name and you are all about compassion. You need someone who is the same way so they do not take advantage of you. A close second is Life Path 6 for the same reasons – caring and giving. You may hit a few bumps with a 6 but nothing too threatenting. With a 9, bumps are pretty much non-existent. Avoid 2, 4, 5, and 8.

I hope this helped give some insight on who to give a shot and who to avoid. Speaking of avoiding, if you don’t see the avoid suggestions, it is because you don’t have any. You can pretty much make it work with anyone. Also, my Master Number people, go with your single digit number because masters don’t matter in compatibility in numerology.

Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share you and your partner’s (or crush’s) numbers and how accurate this may be.

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