First Year As A Founder With Shavoi’ Kent

IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY! On this day, twelve months ago, Shavoi’ launched this super brand we know as High On Beignets. We love to talk to the #ColorfulGirls making a change and living in their passion, so we had to get the exclusive with our very own founder. ‘A Year As A Founder’, with Shavoi’ Kent.

Ranata: Describe Shavoi’ in 3 words using the letter S.

Sexy. Sophisticated. Stylish. All of these to the highest power.

Krystal: Do you prefer platonic relationships with men or women and why?

Women, of course. I just love women and I love being around people that I feel understand me beyond the surface. Women can communicate with each other without speaking. We can read each other. I never regret time spent with my girlfriends because I’m uplifted and empowered in those moments. Unless business related, men are for masculine companionship and there to provide a males perspective, in my opinion. A man couldn’t give me that deep, fulfilling, platonic relationship a woman can.

Erin: What has been your biggest challenge with High On Beignets?

Social media has given me a run for my money. I used to think I was pretty tech savvy until I started a business and needed to use social media as a marketing form. Keeping up with algorithms and learning to tell my brands story on social media has not been a walk in the park. Aside from operating High On Beignets, social media is it’s own branch of my brand and can feel like another full time job. As a new founder that wears several company hats, social media is so far the most strenuous.

Nadine: What are your biggest strengths/weaknesses with editors?

With my editors, I don’t acknowledge weaknesses. When High On Beignets was just a thought, I knew that my blogger friends would be my editors but that wasn’t the case. I wanted editors that saw the vision, wanted to help me bring the vision to life and understood that an investment of time and skill would be necessary. God aligned me with business owners and creatives who knows exactly what it takes to catapult High On Beignets continuously.

Sometimes, that means understanding when an editor publishes an article a little late because she was showing a house to clients or packaging orders. Unlike many brands, our editors live the lives they write about. They’re not full time writers for multiple publications. They’re not sitting around at home. They’re running businesses or working in their professions. If you ever read a beauty article here, it was written by a professional in the beauty industry and so on. That’s a strength. I don’t see any weaknesses.

Ranata: How would you say High On Beignets differs from other blogs.

We are black women living in our truths. So we know exactly what that looks like for other black women. We know how to speak to them and what they want to read. We know the things they’re struggling with, embarking on, and excelling in because we are them. My team and I meet on a monthly basis to discuss what we’re going to publish. We all have to collectively agree and brainstorm on the topics before they hit the website. Many publications want to present to black women and they’re always missing the mark because they’re hiding behind the image of black women. They’re not black women.

Erin: What has surprised you the most with starting High On Beignets?

I think the most surprising aspect is who my audience is and what type of content they enjoy. I’m a lover of fashion and beauty so initially, I knew High On Beignets would be a fashion and beauty brand with a demographic that matched. But I also enjoyed writing articles for the Sex and Love category that most would call taboo and raw. By the time the brand was six months old, we were known for our edgy and sexy content.

Then we gave birth to the Spirituality category and before I knew it, Sex and Spirituality defined who and what High On Beignets is. With hundreds of fashion and beauty publication on the ‘net, I’m grateful for a digital publication that is different. We’re not for everybody. I’ve seen many unfollow and unsubscribe here and there as we defined the brand. But the people who need that unapologetic voice loves us and everyone else watches from a distance because, I mean, no one can deny real.

Krystal: What is your bucket list sexual desire?

My bucket list doesn’t include sexual desires. But I love beautiful women and treating my husband to one occasionally. I would say a threesome in the Caribbean with a pretty, brown, and curvy ting. I also like getting my toes sucked while being fed red grapes.

Erin: Who is your dream collaboration for High On Beignets?

I’ve literally written down so many collaborations from makeup brands, sneaker brands to even home décor. But the most defined collaboration I have written down is with Rihanna Fenty and the Savage X brand. We have the same mission, to empower and liberate women and show them that sexy doesn’t have one look stamped by society. I’m confident this idea will come to fruition and be huge, so look out for that. I also want to collaborate with Volkswagen. Again, a similar mission.

Nadine: Do you see HOB growing internationally?

Of Course, High On Beignets belongs to New Orleans and New Orleans is a mixed cultured city. I could see audiences forming along the Caribbean Islands as our sex and spirituality content evolves.

Krystal: Have you ever been a part of the Mile High Club? If so, give deets. If not, would you and why or why not?

I had to Google what this meant lol so it’s safe to say, I have not. The Mile High Club isn’t something I’d be interested in. I love my sexual experiences to feel sacred. I’m not a fan of sex in public places.

Nadine: Where (geographically) could you see a second home for HOB outside of NOLA?

I love the idea of having a High On Beignets branch in California. Even if its just for marketing and social media. Every time I think of Cali’ I feel warm on the inside and free. I wouldn’t mind relocating there for awhile.

Ranata: High On Beignets has hit so many milestones in such a short time, including you winning Best Blogger of The Year. How do you celebrate your wins, if at all?

I believe in celebrating all wins and I like to do so with the people who helped me get there. The team and I love to eat. We pretty much do everything over food. So definitely a cute spot in the city with good food. Once this pandemic is behind us, we’ll be traveling.

Nadine: If you could choose one influential person (celebrity, musician,etc.)  dead or alive to write as an editor for HOB, who would you choose? Why? And in what category? 

The queen, Erykah Badu. She would be a great fit for Sex and Spirituality. Erykah has been schooling us on both topics for a very long time. It’s safe to say she is over qualified for the position.

Ranata: Has High On Beignets changed your perspective as a business owner? If so, how?

High On Beignets has not only changed my perspective as a business owner but as a person. HOB has taught me to have patience. It’s taught me the importance of a strong work ethic and consistency. I’ve learned that there’s power in the unknown and that security is an illusion. My faith has been challenged and sharpened. Also, I’ve learned to be a student; I’m so used to mastering things I work on but I can guarantee you I have not mastered being the founder and operator of this brand. I feel like I’ve grown through this brand. I’ve matured.

Erin: Where do you see the brand 5 years from now?

In five years, HOB Headquarters will be providing jobs to creatives in my community so that talented New Orleanians won’t have to move away to New York or California to pursue a career. We’ll be getting ready to open the second location in another region. We will have a well known and sold out annual Lifestyle and Wellness Festival that will include sexy and spiritual inspired activations for the liberated and grounded. Our audience will have expanded to the LGBTQ+ community and generation z. We won’t be working as hard for partnerships, our partners will be flooding our emails. We’ll also have an inhouse public relations firm. We’re already a powerhouse, in five years the world will know it too.

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