Harpo, Who This Woman? Beyonce’s Clone Is An Epic Fail

We all saw this day coming. Beyonce’ Giselle-Knowles Carter has been serving us greatness for over twenty years at an exceptional level. Everything Bey’ does is pretty top-tier. These day’s, Beyonce’ runs her own production company, manages the young songstress duo, Chloe X Halle, produces a fashion line with Adidas and is a wife and mother of three. And that’s just to name a few.

During the latest Ivy Park X Adidas release (Icy Park), Beyonce’s campaign puzzled many fans.

Now, we’ve been looking at Bey’ for a long time. We’ve watched her grow up, move on from Destiny Child’s to a successful solo career. We’ve watched her carry kids and bounce back. It’s safe to say we know Beyonce’ Knowles when we see her. Ladies and Gentlemen, the chick in the Icy Park campaign AIN’T HER! I don’t know much about clones, but this lil’ baby has a mind of her own. Beyonce’ may be a Virgo but that clone is very much a Scorpio. Beyonce’ likes to show out but there’s ass everywhere in that Icy Park campaign. Keyonce’ jr. is over sexualizing Bey’s brand. This is not the class-act Beyonce’ that we know.

Here’s how we know this girl isn’t the real Beyonce’. Beyonce’ Knowles has an oval-shaped face. Keyonce jr. on the other hand, has a round face. Check out the eyelids. Beyonce’ has slightly hooded eyes and Key-key has extruding eyelids. Almost lizard-like. And we all know Beyonce’ is the epitome of sexy, but Key’? She has a sensual, super sexy, mesmerizing gaze. She’s like a sexy twin sister or something. And that ass! We all know Beyonce’s is proud of her natural body, whether we believe it’s natural or not. She would never surprise us with an ass that deserves it’s own area code.

We know clones in the music industry are a popular thing. But when Keyonce jr. made her debute, it saddened me. I wondered if the real Beyonce’ would ever make an appearance again. So many things went through my head. I wondered if she was trying to silently retire. I wondered if ”big brother” had his way with her. Then there was a video posted to Beyonce’s Instagram account on Valentines Day. There was the Queen, the oval face and jawline we all know. The class-act and stylish Virgo, being festive and showering her hubby and kids with love for the holiday. And then it hit me, Beyonce’ is fine. Sis is clearly tired.

Bey’ if you needed a break all you had to do was tell us. We know you love jewelry shopping in Paris and taking long vacations. With all the record breaking and being everyone’s goals, you deserve it. We wouldn’t be mad if you decided to retire, raise your babies and enjoy the fruits of your wonderful labor. All we ask is that you wait until outside opens so that we can get one more tour.

Sidenote, Blue Ivy was killing it in the Icy Park campaign. Do you all think Blue is in the know on this clone?

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