Heaux Tales: The Dick Made Me Do It.

Being Dickmatized is a Real Thing

Jazmine Sullivan’s long awaited EP titled ‘Heaux Tales’ recently dropped and it is honestly a project that speaks to every woman. Throughout the duration of the project, different women told a “Heaux Tale” and quite frankly, they all resonated with me at one point or another. Howeverrrr, it was Ari’s Tale that grabbed me by the edges and stopped me in my tracks. As she so eloquently described how the dick spoke life into her against her better judgment and how she was willing to risk it all for said dick, I felt seen. I too have been in the position where I was willing to risk it all for the dick.

As the album continued, ‘Put it Down‘ came on, and out of all the songs, I anticipated hearing this one because of all the controversy surrounding it online. When the uptempo beat dropped I was all ears, because I just had to see what lyrics had everyone’s panties in a bunch and y’all!!!! When I say Jazmine Sullivan was singing my life with her words, she did exactly that. Jazmine floated on the beat as she soulfully spit how she was a fiend for the dick and making claims to pay his rent if he’s nasty. I suppose it would have been different if the dick was attached to a good man, but judging by the lyrics, it seems like dude was an ain’t shit kind of guy.

A lot of women quickly took to social media with the “bitchhh, it’ll never be me” posts. I was shocked that so many women denied doing such things in the name of good dick. I know all of the things I’ve done for an undeserving man solely because his dick was nothing short of God’s glory manifested into a chocolate, curved, piece of muscle. Y’all know we pride ourselves on leading with transparency and giving women a space to live and stand in their truth, unapologetically. With that being said, I present to you ‘Heaux Tales’ submitted by our very own readers. Mine may or may not be included.

“I guess you can say I’ve pretty much lost my mind for a brief moment. All of my common sense went out of the window. He didn’t have a car, lived with his mama, had just gotten fired from his job and had a struggling rap career and I was in love with fucking him. I literally didn’t think about none of the things that would have even made us compatible as a couple. I didn’t care. I just loved how he made my body feel. I loved how he made me feel as a woman, loved how he pulled my hair and choked me up. I think I would’ve let him use my car and drop me off to work if he would have asked. But thank God it never got there.”

-Dumb over Dick, 32 Louisiana


I know several ladies out there can relate to this story. It’s amazing how we’ll overlook key things when the dick hits just right. Even the most educated women will find themselves making the stupidest decisions without realizing it because of the dick. Read on as we jump into this next Heaux Tale.

“I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m financially stable and I’m admittedly stupid as fuck. This is my truth. I was fresh out of a long relationship when I came across this man that I believed was an answered prayer. I realized later that it had to be Satan’s doing but that dick was heaven sent. Although he made it clear that he didn’t want to be in a relationship and honestly neither did I. I knew that the dick needed to be a constant part of my life.

We vibed well, but our sexual chemistry was undeniable. I got angry at the thought of someone who wasn’t me getting it. So, I did whatever I had to do to eliminate the competition. I made sure another woman couldn’t compare to me. Whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, I made sure he got it. Money wasn’t a thing and there was no such thing as too much when it came to him. Now in his defense, he never asked me to do these things, I WANTED to do them. The dick he laid down deserved alllll the things.

Life was happening for both of us, so when I had a chance to get it, I GOT IT. Middle of the work day? Yep. I was eating dick for lunch. That late night, “you up” text? I would wake up out a dead sleep and drive across town to be at his beck and call.

Shortly after our various sexual exchanges, I saw that he was getting married. I wanted to be happy for him, but I felt like fuck him. How could he give MYYY dick away after everything I’ve done for him? He still hits me up, but I already know what it’s about. A different version of me would fuck him out of spite, but nahhh, it’s not worth it. It was good while it lasted.”

-Dropping Dollars for the Dick, 30something New Orleans, LA


Chiiiiile listen! It’s wild how men push the narrative of women being gold diggers when it’s clear to see how we would really go in our bag for someone that we’re feeling. Not only would we go in our bag, but we’d completely inconvenience ourselves for the D. Let’s jump into our last submission where our sis was doing both of those things.

After getting out of a toxic relationship, I rebounded with a much younger coworker who later went on to be the father of my child. He didn’t have a car and lived with his mom. To gain his attention, I found myself doing the most. To be fair, this was something I pursued on my own. He didn’t date me, he didn’t do anything to try to impress me, yet there was something about him that I needed in my life. So what did I do? I drove nearly an hour away from my house just to bring him home from work. I bought all of his clothes and shoes and even his Xbox because he spent all of his money on other things. Looking back, I don’t think I was THAT stupid, but in retrospect, I was doing shit for this man and he did nothing for me but give me dick.

-Driving miles for the dick, 33 New Orleans, LA


The moral of the story is, we’ve all done questionable things in the name of good dick whether we’d like to admit it or not. Maybe you didn’t pay rent or run up a check, but it’s ok. It’s life! Shit happens and good dick happens. This a judgment free zone and like the old school song says, “Everybody plays the fool, sometimes.” Maybe for some of you, it was less about the dick and more about the connection you were hoping to secure by using the dick as a gateway. But that’s a different conversation for a different day. Hopefully, these stories encourage you to stand in your truth and admit that it may have been you at some point. The first step is denial, the second is admitting (I learned that from Iyanla). Do you have a Heaux Tale you wanna share? Drop them in the comments! I’d love to read about it.

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  • Living my Heaux tale now -

    I met a man a beautiful man kind loving all around extraordinary man but he’s not mine he’s hers but the dick he lays down have me singing I’ll be the other woman long as I’m the only other women yeah my dumb ass I use to always say I “never” mess with anyone’s man and look at me now all because the dick got me dickmatize but it’s not only the dick it’s the convos and he being there when I need him I guess you can say I’m the other relationship……….

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