How to Cancel 5 Common Workout Excuses

  • Author: Christian Gobert

Nobody said adopting a regular exercise routine would be easy, but it doesn’t have to be extremely hard either! Far too often people tend to psych themselves out of starting a new workout routine before they even give it a try! Our minds are powerful and if they aren’t completely on board, you can kiss those #bodygoals goodbye! So with that being said here are 5 most common excuses that could be holding you back from the health and body of your dreams and ways to fight back when those excuses start flooding in.

EXCUSE #1: I am TOO Tired To Exercise

Let’s get real for a second are you REALLY too tired to exercise? Or are you just hiding behind this excuse? The reality is exercise actually increases energy levels and you actually may be feeling fatigued from LACK of exercise. If you aren’t very active at your day job, you are probably feeling bogged down from lack of movement and carrying that into the other areas of your life. Exercising release endorphins in the body, and gives you a boost in energy and mood! Try incorporating at least ten minutes of movement daily to get those endorphins flowing and sooner than later you will start to feel those small changes build into improved energy levels!

EXCUSE #2: I am TOO Busy to Exercise

Guess what boo?! NOBODY is that busy! If you can scroll on Instragram and/or Facebook for thirty minutes then you can set aside thirty minutes to workout! Track your day to day activites for three days down to the minute, and you’ll begin to see where those pockets of time can open up. If you are waking up right on time to head out the door to work, try waking up an hour earlier to get a workout in or if you are spending an hour or two watching reality TV after work, try cutting back and subbing that time for a thirty minute at home workout, or even do it while you are watching one of your shows!

EXCUSE #3: It’s TOO Expensive to Workout and Eat Healthy

The other lie that we’ve been feeding ourselves is that being “healthy” is too expensive. The saying, “Pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later” speaks volumes. It’s either take the time to make your health a priority NOW or play catch up later when you are already further down the hole. Health is not an all or nothing kind of thing, it starts with making small actionable changes daily that ultimately build into lasting lifelong habits. Your health should be seen as an INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE. Commit to an at home workout series or app challenge. This takes the stress out of searching for a workout the day of and typically is extremely affordable as long as you choose the best option for your particular budget.

EXCUSE #4: Exercise Feels like a Punishment

If exercising feels more like a chore or punishment to you, it’s time to shift that narrative and find more fun ways to work up a sweat. Working out does not have to suck! Find a class that you enjoy or a workout style that speaks to your soul. With so much variety in the health and fitness world now, there is sure to be a workout routine that speaks to your interests!

EXCUSE #5: Lacking Motivation or Results

*Does five crunches and checks for abs* Does this sound familiar? So many people get started with a workout routine and expect immediate results and when those results don’t come they give up. Studies show that it takes about 21 days to establish a habit and about two to three months to see and feel muscular changes. If you continue to give up you will never get the results you desire! You won’t always be motivated to get up and move, but do it anyway and soon you will receive the payoff you’ve been working so hard for!

No matter if you are a busy parent, career-oriented, or whatever lifestyle you best associate with, forming a healthier routine is possible and can be started literally right now as you finish up this post! Making your health a priority is a gift that keeps on giving and trust you will thank yourself when you are still up and about, able to play with your kids and even great grandkids one day, have more energy, look and feel younger, and avoid illness and prescription medicines for preventable health illnesses.


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