I’m Stressed and Here’s What I’m Doing About it

  • Author: Yadie Prosper

Can I be honest? Like all the way transparent for a moment. It feels like a dark cloud of gloom has took up residence directly above me. I’m mentally and physically drained. On top of all that, our world is facing a pandemic and it is stressing me completly out. Life as I’ve known it has been disabled. People are dying every single day. With each day someone closer to me is affected. And it is taking a serious toll on me.

Because of COVID-19 the kids are out of school. I have grown a higher respect for homeschool parents. This is a job, job! My children are not bad kids, but to be at home with them all day every day has been eventful, to say the least. We can’t go to the playground, or any of our favorite places. I understand life has been dealt to them just as it has been dealt to me. I try really hard to not take my frustrations out on my children, but that has been a losing battle for me. I find myself overreacting to the smalleset things. Things that don’t normally bother me take me from 0 to 100 real quick. Without a second thought I have lost my cool and that is not okay. Everybody has been getting a piece of my mind too. My poor husband has been trying to help, but I get annoyed at his constant attempts to find out “what’s wrong.” Thing is I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s hard to mouth how you feel when you don’t really know yourself. What’s even worse is trying to explain that to someone else.

At first I was opposed to sharing this, but then I thought about how many other people may be going through this very thing or similar. I stopped by just to tell you, Sis I know how you feel. Life right now is stressful for all of us. Show yourself some grace. With everyday you wake up and try you are making progress. And even on those day when you can’t get out of bed, it’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay! I am no expert on this, but I can tell you what has been working for me. Sis when the weight of life becomes too heavy for you try these things.

1. Retreat

Take a step back. Go for a walk and try to remove yourself from stressors. Remove your focus from the overwhelm and intake some fresh air. This includes social media.

2. Journal

Write it out! One of my favorite ways to release stress is to journal. Often times when I journal when I’m stressed it relieves whatever I am going through. It doesn’t always change the outcome of what is happening, but it does lighten my load in the moment.

3. Talk it Out

Call or text a friend who you can trust with your feelings. Vent to them about what’s going on. It may not cure all, but it’s nice to not have to carry your burdens alone. I mean what are friends for? Also see a therapist. Many people are opposed to therapy, but this can help you in more ways than one.

4.Take a Bath

It’s something about a hot tub of water that makes everything feel okay in the world. Well maybe for the duration of the bath anyway. When you are stressed try taking a bath, it’s the ultimate relaxation starter kit. Add in a some dim lighting, candles, a glass of wine and your favorite bath soak to enhance your experience.

5. Pray

Have a little talk with Jesus. This might be my favorite stress reliever. This can work in word or written. Whether you get relief after you say amen or not, your words to Gods ears definitely helps with battling what you might be facing.

The number one thing to remember is that you are not alone in this. Life can be very overwheming and I am speaking from experience. These tips are because I’m with you. Like I mentioned before, I am not a doctor or expert, but these tips have proven helpful in times of need. If life becomes too much and these tips are not cutting it, seek professional help and don’t be ashamed about it! You got this Sis!

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