Infertility: Take the Scenic Route to Parenthood?

Author: Patrice Domino

Remember when pregnancy was simple?

A couple falls in love and later decide they want to further their love by having a child. They make love and nine months later, a child is born. Right?

Pregnancy used to be ordinary and a straight-lined nine months of cravings, weight gain and mood swings.

This is the story our Moms, Grandmas and Aunts told us.

But, what if a couple falls in love, wants to conceive a child, they make love and nine months later…nothing happens. And another nine months… still nothing.

Not so simple, huh?

This is when some of us have to take the scenic route to parenthood and enter the world of Infertility. The inability to conceive children or young. As a Mother, who has struggled with infertility, I say the scenic route is definitely worth it. Seeing my daughter’s beautiful, brown eyes shows me it’s promise. Mothers get a closer and in-depth look into reproduction through these treatments. Infertility treatments include: counseling, hormone treatments, fertility drugs, IVF, surgery and surrogacy. Many of these treatments are very successful.


Celebrity Mom Gabrielle Union gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Kaavia via surrogate Mother a year ago. Surrogacy is an agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for another person(s), who will become the child’s parents after birth. Gabrielle struggled with infertility for years. She tried dozens of infertility treatments and became pregnant but was unable to carry her child.


In-Vitro helps with fertilization, embryo development and implantation. It includes taking a combination of medications and requires surgical procedures to help sperm fertilize an egg and implant into the uterus. Sometimes when the male’s sperm is unable to reach the female’s egg, this procedure is a major assistant. Success rate for women under 35 is 40%, whereas women over 42 have 4% success rate. -Attain Fertilty>ivf 101

Hormone Treatments

There are many medications that help with ovulation and assist in producing better quality eggs. Oral and injections. These injections increase the change of pregnancy. Success rates approximately 30% after 3 to 4 cycles. That is 1 in 3 women completing 3 to 4 cycles of therapy will achieve pregnancy. -Nashville Fertility Center.

All in all, becoming parents is a major task if pregnancy occurs naturally or assisted.

Some women are blessed to become parents on their own and some women are blessed to take the scenic route to parenthood. When nature doesn’t take it’s course, SEEK TREATMENT.

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