Is Christmas Canceled?

2020 has thrown us all for a loop! We are now 8 months in a global pandemic and we are not quite seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Many families are still working from home and doing virtual learning. While this has proven to be most challenging, it has been a blessing for many to be home with family, safe and untouched by Covid. On the contrary, not everyone can say the same. Many people who are in the travel, tourism, and arts industries in particular, have been struggling to provide the bare necessities to live. Due to Covid-19 spikes all over the country, it’s being advised that families don’t get together for their traditional holiday gatherings. With the uncertainty of everything going on right now Christmas probably won’t be the same for anyone.

So how do you make Christmas special if you happen to be one of the families who has been deeply impacted by Covid? How do you get your littles ones in the mood of Christmas magic when funds are low or loved ones cannot be around for holiday family traditions?

Be realistic – Let your kids know things are different this year and why. By this point everyone is aware that Covid has changed this year’s normalcy drastically. So be frank and transparent. Have a discussion with your children about gift limits this year. For younger children who still believe in Santa, explain how Santa and his elves are quarantined right now. Due to Santa’s quarantine he is running behind in his workshop and there is a one gift limit.

Keep activities simple – Most likely many things this holiday season won’t be open (ie- pictures with Santa, holiday festivals, etc.). Instead of attending public events for holiday fun, create your own activities you can do from home or from the comfort of your vehicle. Some neighborhoods go all out with Christmas decorations. You can find out about these neighborhoods usually from word of mouth, your local news stations or newspapers. Choose a night to drive through and admire the seasonal cheer. Make a fun game out of it; see how many Snowmen or Santa’s your little ones can spot.

Go virtual – Get all of the family together via Zoom for a family game night. We all may be a little Zoom burned out but a fun game with the whole family near and far is a great way to do something different and will incite happiness. Scavenger hunts, Jeopardy, Word Association, and Bingo are just a few easy games that the whole family can enjoy and participate in.

While this year has definitely handed us lemons, it has also shown us how to make the best lemonade. Some of us needed a reminder that family is important and money certainly does not equal happiness.

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