Life Lessons We’ve Learned From The Last Four Seasons of INSECURE

Since 2016 Insecure has been giving us our lives. Whether it’s our romantic lives, friendships, or dealing with racism in the work place, we’ve all seen ourselves reflected through the series. I know I did. While we anticipate season five hoping that Issa and Lawrence are able to see their relationship through. Issa and Molly work out their issues right after Issa puts Molly in her place, of course. I went ahead and rewatched the series and found some heavy life lessons that we can all learn from.

Men mask pain with SEX, SEX & MORE SEX
We all know that men and women handle breakups differently but watching Lawrence attempt to get over Issa (or catch up on lost times, as men would say) gave us a front row view to the demise. Why demise? Lawrence spent his entire breakup partying in strip clubs and sleeping around. He even pulled a threesome out of a grocery store run. Even though he met a few potential girl friends with great qualities, Issa still had his heart and eventually he followed it. Had he taken the time to just work on himself, he would have made it back to his true love without contracting Chlamydia and an unwanted child.

Sometimes a ‘Broken Pussy’ has NOTHING to do with your pussy
I love Molly’s character. She’s a fly, independent, black woman that’s on top of her career and seemed to run her sex life on her own terms. But, Molly was so in a rush to make every man she met commit and assumed they were the problem when her premature clinging ran them away. And everyone who called her out on her shit was a problem. Everyone was a problem in Molly’s life, except Molly! Even after learning her parents love story wasn’t as perfect as she thought it was, she found fault in her father for letting her down when her mom forgave him long ago. If there’s any Molly’s reading this, it’s not your pussy, it’s you…that’s broken.

Just because your ex comes back to tap that ass doesn’t mean he’s ready to forgive you
We all remember Lawrence finally going to Issa’s place to get his things and it turned into a heated quickie on the sofa and Issa thought Lawrence was ready to forgive her and on his way back into her arms. Sudden breakups due to infidelity doesn’t mean that love is lost or the attraction is no longer there. It should be expected that an ex, early on in the breakup, may lust for you and may act on it. Don’t confuse the times. It’s too early for them to fully forgive you. Of course you’re happy they still want you after all you’ve done to them but don’t think things are going back to normal this soon.

A stalker account is a joint effort
Remember when Issa wanted to find out if Nathan was ignoring her so she hit up Molly for the password to their Instagram stalker account. Women have been finding ways to get information on men since the beginning of time. Social media has become another resource for us to use and in my opinion, it’s pretty reliable lol. Fake accounts can take real effort (don’t ask me how I know, I don’t have one.) The account has to actually look like it belongs to someone. It has to convince people the second they look at it that it’s someones personal profile. Sharing one with your friends can be a great way to maintain it and make a fake profile look real.

If you’re going to hoe, THEN HOE!
The heat was on for Issa after Lawrence hit the road. Going from her neighbor to the buildings security guard and she patted herself on the back out for her ability to sleep around without attachments. However, we often saw Issa in her feelings when her butt buddies weren’t available for her needs. Ladies if you’re going to hoe, understand that your F buddies are more than likely hoeing also. Expect that they won’t always be available when you want them to be. This will alleviate feeling butt hurt when you’re not prioritized first.

Learn to live in your friends world
Everything was going good for Molly when Issa was working for the non-profit, short on money and sleeping on her friends couch but the second Issa found her way and need Molly’s support, Molly had a hard time showing up. This goes back to understanding your season. If your friend has always rooted for you even when her ish wasn’t together, you should return the support when your friend is finally living in her season. If you find it hard to, you should definitely reevaluate who you are as a person and friend.

Whats meant to be will be
I can’t lie, I knew Lawrence would find his way back to Issa. He did everything any hurt man would do but it was pretty obvious that he still loved her. Sometimes you have to part from your love to grow and come back together for a better and healthier relationship. Lawrence probably needed to be alone to get on his feet but he couldn’t see the signs to act on them. Issa’s infidelity could have been the universes way of separating them so that they can both grow individually and come back for a more powerful relationship.

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