Live and Let Live: Coming of Age in the Social Media Era

Over the past week, Black twitter has been up in a frenzy over Chloe Bailey, half of Queen Bey’s protégé group, Chloe X Halle. Why is Black Twitter writing think pieces on the multi-talented 22-year-old you ask? Did the group drop another album? No, although I do keep Ungodly Hour in heavy rotation like it just came out. Has Chloe been caught in a sex scandal, or been checked into rehab for alcohol or drug abuse? Nope. Not that either. *Que the drumroll* Well folks, Ms. Chloe Bailey has simply been posting videos of herself on her newly created solo social media account apart from her younger sister. Yep, you read that right. Videos of the most recent social media challenges and her literally cleansing the timeline with sage!

How could these videos possibly be the target of so much internet hate one would think? We have seen this dynamic duo grow up right before our eyes. I remember some years back first discovering the sisterly pair on YouTube singing and playing covers to my favorite Beyoncé songs. I was excited to see them get their big break and landing a feature on the Disney Channel. When I learned Beyoncé took the group under her wing, signed them to her record label, and saw them in the Lemonade film, I knew great things were to come. So of course, when I found out they were starring in what would become one of my daughter’s and I favorite shows, Grownish, I was definitely going to support.

Now at the age of 22, Chloe is defining herself outside of her sister. The very videos Chloe posted that I saw as her celebrating self-love and exuding the confidence every young woman should possess, embracing her curves, and simply sharing her individuality with us has caused an uproar. Men and women alike are saying that she is being an attention seeker and needs to put her clothes back on. I am lost as to what is different from her and the rest of the 22-year-olds expressing themselves all in fun in exchange for likes on Social media. No one is telling the 22-year-old rapper, Big Latto, to put her clothes back on or screaming she is being an attention whore with her most recent #bussitchallenege video post. Make it make sense, ya’ll!

I get it; it is like seeing your baby girl grow up. I bet you can remember like yesterday your own child’s first day of school, her first recital performance, and all those precious milestones of your sweet little baby girl. However, those little moments do come when you must acknowledge your baby is not so much a baby anymore. The “baby” is growing up. She is working and driving now, loves makeup, and dating. Eventually your baby is starting college and is out on her own. We as parents must be able to let go and realize your child must grow up and find her own identity as an adult. Now if you have done a great job nurturing, and teaching your child from birth, you should have nothing to fear as your offspring become of age.

I will admit when I first realized my little girl was growing up and did not want me taking her picture all of the time or dressing her in pink glitter and unicorns it had me shook! But just for a minute. Nevertheless, I had to realize she is growing up, finding her own voice, and maturing and nothing is wrong with that. It is part of life and healthy. I had to pat my own self on the back because raising children who are confident and able to stand up and march to the beat of their own drum is commendable.

If Chloe‘s mother is anything like me, I can only imagine how irritating this must be for her to see her grown child being attacked on Social Media because of the latest TikTok challenge that didn’t harm her child or anybody else for that matter. Moreover, for Chloe to have to go live, teary eyed, trying to explain herself to all of the critics who quite frankly always got some shit to say because they are unhappy with their own miserable lives was so disheartening. I whole heartedly live by the philosophy: If you got it, flaunt it! Let this young woman LIVE, grow up, and express herself as she pleases! Chloe Bailey is young, beautiful, gifted, and of LEGAL AGE! Act accordingly.

What did you think of Chloe Bailey’s recent videos? Do you feel she is being a self-absorbed attention seeker or is she just being a confident young woman loving herself? Do you struggle with your kids no longer being babies, as they get older? Do you support your older kids loving on themselves and being self-confident? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

Chloe Bailey gracing the timeline with her tiger stripes!

Photo credit: @chloebailey via Instagram

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