Man-tenance: Male Grooming will always be a TURN ON!

We all love a man who keeps their appearance up just as much as we do. Not necessarily doing the exact same processes that we partake in but majority of what we consider self care is very gender neutral. Women definitely like to get pampered from head to toe, but if you think about it, the men like to as well – some just don’t know it yet. Do you have a man who may need a little encouraging in the maintenance departments? Well show him this list and tell him to choose one, or all, and start living a better life.
Here are my top 3 man-tenance services:


This one is a no-brainer and most men are already happily jumping on the bandwagon. Skin care is so important and I have never met a person who didn’t want clear, healthy skin. Of course one could just wash their faces at home but facials are so much more than cleansing. With the right esthetician, they can provide customized facial treatments to assist with skin concerns based on your lifestyle, diet, hormones, etc. Professional treatments get deep into the skin, past the surface level, to get to the root of most skin issues. We all need this – just do it.


Who doesn’t like soft hands and feet? Better yet, who likes rough hands and feet? I can’t think of one person who loves hangnails, dirty nails, snagging tips, calluses, corns, etc. This is another service that most men are already partaking in, definitely more than facials, but a friendly reminder won’t hurt. Who likes feeling a rough callus rubbing against their skin during a massage? Or having a nail getting caught in your hair, pulling and popping it, while your man is running his fingers through it? I know I don’t. I will pull out a file and nail clipper QUICK on my husband. Let’s avoid the mishaps and get those fellas monthly manis and pedis.


Now here is where I expect some pushback but hear me out – why shave when you can WAX? Most women wax most places on their bodies and men are definitely not exempt from having smooth skin free from razor bumps and burns. Now, I am not saying men have to wax ALL the places women do, but there are some places that can benefit from a good waxing: Nose, Ears, Face, Chest, and Genitals. Yes, genitals. We like to have fresh, minimal hair there too when we meet it face to face. Anywhoo – waxing is better on the skin (when done professionally), the hair grows back thinner and more tame, and it lasts a lot longer than shaving. Have someone that does your facials? Most likely they can do your waxing too so go ahead and book multiple services and get groomed.

Does your man get groomed? Do you prefer it? If not, will you encourage it? Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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