Never Put a Shopaholic in a PANDEMIC! Way’s To Calm Your Need To Shop!

  • Author: Jazmine Boutte

Sisters..”How ya’ll feeling?…Brothas ya’ll alright? We have a few shopaholics apart of our team and ya’ll we are struggling! Have ya’ll seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? I think it might be time to freeze those credit cards. Online shopping is extremely hard to control when you are stuck inside with nothing to do. So many tempting sales and these bomb dot com spring collections that are dropping…say No. I mean you don’t have anywhere to go sis! Where you going? To the couch? Club bed?! Here are a few things you can do to get your fashion fix without spending any money!

Photo Credit: Women Africa

1. Shop Your Closet

There is nothing more satisfying than finding something in your closet that you forgot you had. It’s like shopping all over again! Put away those winter threads and discover your spring favs again!

2. Remix Your Looks

Scan your Instagram page and remix some of your favorite looks! Add a jean jacket to that dress, add a belt and shorts to that blouse you wore with jeans! Switch it up sis!

3. Clean Your Closet

Unfortunately all of us can’t be Paris and have a Kim K clean our closet…no shade. BUT you can kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of all the clothes you can no longer fit which may be a lot since ya’ll been wilding with the quarantine snacks…haha. Pack them into boxes to donate to goodwill and store them until this stay at home order is lifted. That way you are cleaning and doing God’s work…amen.

4. Create a Fashion Board

Now I know you’ve heard of a vision board, let’s replace the vision with fashion and create “Fashion Boards”, ya’ll like what I did there? Whether you have supplies for an actual board or you use Pinterest it is always fun to organize your fashion inspiration. So get to planning those summer looks and let’s all say a prayer we can go out by June.

5. Clean Out Your Purses

You never know what you might find. You might even find some cash that you can hold on to when we are finally out of quarantine.

Try these ideas out before blowing the bank! Be strong and good luck!

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