Protect Your Peace Sis

  • Author: Yadie Prosper

Let’s talk! It’s 2020, a whole new year and a whole new decade. It’s time to stop allowing people to get you pressed. Stop letting uncessary people and things come in and interrupt the peace you have worked so hard to get. Guess what Sis? When we permit this behavior we freely give our peace away. We allow people to come through like a wrecking ball, then they go about their good ole day and we are left to deal with the wreckage. This is the year where that is going to stop. We are going to protect our peace ALL 2020! And heres how…

Set Boundaries


Start by setting boundaries. Boundaries are limits you set in order to create a healthy sense of personal space. They can be physical or emotional. You know or you are learning what triggers you. Put boundaries in place and dont let ANYONE cross them. Draw that imaginary line and get a Dej Loaf mood and dare somebody to “try you.”

Mind Your Business


Minding your business helps you avoid unnecessary drama. Who knew? Yes girl, In 2020 let’s be so caught up in our own ish that we could care less what’s going on with others. Chile you wanna protect your peace? “Mind the business that pays you!” PERIODT! Removing yourself from the drama helps you to focus on you. I’m sure you got enough going on in your life to be the mixer in someone else’s Henny. So Sis, mind ya business that’s all just mind ya business.

Eliminate Toxicity


We hate to be the ones to tell you, but Sis it’s time to say bye bye to the toxic people in your life. Sis, they gotta go! If you want peace, then you have to rid yourself of the toxic people in your life. Toxicity is contagious, so once you’re exposed, it contaminates you also. Think about it… Let’s say someone puts a drop of cyanide in your drink. Drink at your own risk! Is not that whole cup contaminated? You will never have peace if you don’t get those toxic people out of your life. Again! They gotta go, or you can keep them around and become just like them, your choice though Sis.

Ask God

Listen Up! The peace of God beats any peace you can have. His peace transcends all understanding. The world could be falling down around you and you won’t have any worries because you know God got you. This one is simple. Ask God to give you His peace, but the thing is you have to possess the faith to trust Him to give it to you.

That’s it Sis. You say you want peace? We just gave you the game. Now all you have to do is call the plays. Do us and yourself a favor and PROTECT YOUR PEACE, SIS!

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