Spring Cleaning: 3 simple ways to declutter your mind & life

  • Author: Ranata Wright

In a few short days, it’ll officially be spring! For some that may mean pulling out your crop tops, your shortest shorts and your sundresses. For others it may mean cleaning your space from top to bottom, and while I fully recommend doing so while we have all of this good quarantine downtime, there’s something else that we should be focused on cleaning other than our closets, our backseats (is my car the only one that’s in shambles?) and kitchens. Girl, now is the time for us to do some deep cleaning. Internally. I know. I know. Where do we start? I’m glad you asked. It’s def gonna take some work, but baby steps are still steps towards the right direction right? Right! So let’s start with top 3.

First things first: clean your social media accounts. Majority of us of spend most of our time on social media whether we’d like to admit it or not. And honestly speaking, some aspects of social media are toxic AF. If the people that you’re following make you feel insignificant, drained, less than etc, click that unfollow button NOWWWW! Even if that means unfollowing The ShadeRoom. Social media is a great tool if it’s used correctly. So clean your social media accounts and curate them to your liking. Social media should be an enjoyable pastime, don’t let those people that you don’t know in real life steal your peace because nobody has time for that!

Speaking of people that you don’t know in real life, what about the people that you DO know in real life??? Yeah Chile them! We gotta clean that area up too. Which brings me to my second point. Take inventory of people in your life. Make cuts & adjustments as necessary. Now full disclaimer, I am a hoarder when it comes to cleaning certain areas of my life. This particular area is one of those areas. You know how it is when you have a pair of jeans that you cannot fit and will probably never wear again, but you don’t want to let them go because of how good you USED to look in them? Yeah. That’s me with people. I would let memories and nostalgia keep people around that I KNOW don’t need to be in my life anymore. If this resonates with you, I challenge you to take inventory of the people that’s in your life. If the people around you aren’t leveling you up, supporting you, being the person that you’ve been to them, then they gotta go! Does that means the toxic guy with the AMAZING sex? Yeah, he has to go. The frenemy that competes with you, but y’all have been friends for so long *inserts eye roll* she has to go too. Cleaning makes rooms for the people that supposed to be there, so with that being said, grab your broom sis and sweep them on out!

So now that we have started cleaning our social media accounts and our friend list, let’s move on to something really essential. My third point, clean up your thoughts! I can’t stress enough how important it is to think positive thoughts. Our minds have a tendency to run rapid with all kinds of thoughts. Some of those thoughts really aren’t great thoughts and if we’re not careful, we can begin to stress about things and scenarios that aren’t true. Our minds are so powerful and using them to think negatively is counterproductive. Instead, clean your thoughts up by thinking positive on purpose. I used that term because initially, we don’t think positive on purpose. We think of all things that can go wrong instead of thinking about what can go right so we have to practice redirecting our thoughts. Clean up your mind by filling it with books, podcasts, people that will pour into you, lift you up and edify you when necessary. I promise, this change will be the change causes a spiral of great things in your life. And besides, I know y’all know the saying, “change your mind, change your life.” Apply that to your cleaning routine and your life will never be the same.

So as we embrace this glorious spring weather, embrace the cleaning that will come with it. The goal is to always get better right? Right! With that being said, take a page out of a spring flower’s book and just bloom. Happy Spring lovies!

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