Steps to healing after a tragic loss: What Kobe’s death taught us about life.

  • Author: Ranata Wright

Sunday, January 26th will go down in history as one of those days that made the world stand still. You’ll always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news that the legendary Lakers star died tragically in a helicopter crash. You’ll also remember how that same pain intensified times 10 when you learned that his 13 year old daughter; his basketball protege passed away as well.

Whether you were a Kobe fan or not, or even a basketball fan, this loss far transcends the game. What most people loved about Kobe is that he was a stand up guy on and off of the court. He was a man with values and deeply rooted in family. Rival team or not, he was well loved and well respected which is why the world is mourning. We’re mourning for his wife who woke up on Sunday not knowing that her life will be forever changed in the hours to come. We mourn for his daughters who lost a father and a sister and a 7 month old who will never know them the way that the others did.

When these sorts of things happen in our culture, it’s hard not to be affected. Of course social media trolls will convince try to convince you that your feelings are invalid because you “didn’t know him personally,” but don’t allow that to stop you from acknowledging the fact that you’re hurting. Every post and news article is a reminder that the world lost a legend at the age of 41. It’s a reminder that life is but a vapor; a very real and harsh reality that we have to face. Sometimes it can be a bit much to bare, so here’s a few tips to start the healing process.

1. Unplug. Disconnect from Social Media for as long as you need to. It’s still very fresh and hard for some people.

2. Reflect. Think of Kobe’s life and legacy. He lived a full life and accomplished so much in his 41 years. Rather than being sad, reflect on his accomplishments and be inspired.

3. Be Empathetic . Take time to think of his wife and daughters. The world may have lost Kobe Bryant, but they lost their dad, a husband, a provider, a confidant and a hero.

4. Be Intentional. Nothing makes us think more about life than death. None of us are promised tomorrow. Whatever is on your heart to do, do it. Keep the Mamba Mentality in mind. Live full & die empty.

Our thoughts and prayers are forever with Vanessa Bryant & the Altobelli family.

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