TBT: 6 Netflix Series that didn’t get enough hype

It’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and we wanted to give you a reason to relax and binge watch your new favorite Netflix series this weekend. We compiled a list of 6 binge worthy Netflix series that just didn’t get the same hype as popular series such as ‘YOU’ or ‘All American’ but are just as good. They’re just waiting on you to press play. So grab your popcorn, comfy lounge wear and tune the world out this weekend. We’re watching TV!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix released the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ in the Fall of 2018 and it was a dream come true for anyone who was a fan of the 90’s sitcom. Netflix takes the story of a teenage half-witch learning the ropes of the spell world by her aunts, who are raising her and makes it bigger and better than before. While darkness and sorcery was still kind of taboo during the 90’s, the directors didn’t walk on any eggshell’s here. We got to see our favorite teenage witch navigate earth and the underworld on screen. The entire series is about Sabrina finishing the tasks her father started and full on going to war with the ‘dark lord’, yes, Mr. Devil himself. Oh yeah, and in the Netflix series, Sabrina has Harvey eating out of the palm of her hands. Even if you didn’t watch in the 90’s, the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is a must see. Go ahead and catch up before Netflix releases the fourth season on December 31st.

Cable Girls

It’s the 1920’s in Spain and a new telephone company in Madrid has created job opportunities for women. Four women, who are all employed at the new company, work hard to protect their status. As their new positions aren’t just jobs for them but a step forward in equal rights for women. These feminist fight hard and in some cases, literally kill to protect their rights and beliefs. The drama follows the four women, known as the ‘Cable Girls’ and shows you a world of love triangles, progression and set backs for women in society and the creation of bonds and real friendships.


Ozark is a suspense filled crime drama that will keep you on your toes. The star of the series, Marty Byrde (a financial planner) finds himself in deep shit when his business partner is killed for stealing from one of their clients, The Cartel. Although Marty took no part in playing with the Cartels money, he takes on a huge and risky job to keep his family alive. Marty uproots his family from Chicago and moves them to the Ozarks to launder millions of the Cartels dirty dollars. Once settled in the Ozarks, Marty runs into several other road bocks that keeps the Cartel questioning his ability to do the job and whether Marty Byrde and his family should stay alive or not.

Blood & Water

Unfortunately, ‘Blood & Water’ is only one season long right now, but it’s totally worth the watch. A Cape Town family mourns a missing daughter. On her 16th birthday, her sister (Puleng) believes she runs into her at a party across town. Speculation is, her dad sold her sister for money. As the dad is arrested and placed under investigation, Puleng goes out of her way to prove Fikile is her long, lost sister.

Stranger Things

So, ‘Stranger Things’ got a little more hype than the before mentioned but not enough for the awesomeness that it is. You may realize that I have an obsession with conspiracies but hey, it’s a great watch. ‘Stranger Things’ setting is the 1980’s and the government has been kidnapping children, experimenting and playing around in different dimensions. A group of kids (including a run away government hostage, who now has super powers) set out on a mission to find a missing friend, all while discovering that the town they live in is filled with secrets. If anyone from Netflix is reading this, stop holding season 4 hostage, PLEASE!

The Haunting of Hill House

I learned of this Netflix gem while watching Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Instagram stories. It was on her ‘Netflix must see’ list. And after watching, it’s on mine. The film follows the Crane family who moves into an old, Victorian mansion they scored for the low. The father’s idea was to purchase the home and flip it, in order to buy their forever home. The home turned out to be haunted, scaring the kids and confusing the parents. After a horrific night in the home and the mother committing suicide, dad and the kids move away hoping to never visit the home again, but life had another plan. The family (dad now older and the kids, adults) found themselves back at the house and left to unpack the events they experienced at Hill House. Leaving them to wonder was the house actually haunted or did the mom and kids suffer with a mental disorder and the events were only a figment of their imagination.

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