The Cards Don’t Lie – Or Do They? January 2021 Advice for Your Zodiac Sign

What do the cards have to tell you this month?

Happy New Year! We are finally done with 2020 and couldn’t be happier about feeling like we are getting a fresh start – even if it is still the same today as it was four days ago. With a new year, we like to start new traditions and this time we decided to make the monthly predictions a blog post from now on. Funny how the Universe works but this is what was requested and all the technical difficulties I was having trying to post this to IGTV as I normally do. With that being said, view the video and be sure to comment your thoughts. Part 1 covers Aries – Cancer, Part 2 covers Leo – Scorpio, and Part 3 covers Sagittarius – Pisces. Check the time stamps for your sign. I advise you listen to your Sun, Moon, and Rising for these videos.

Aries – 2:05; Taurus – 5:37; Gemini – 8:45; Cancer – 13:06

Leo – Scorpio

Leo – Start; Virgo – 3:09; Libra – 6:40; Scorpio – 10:21

Sagittarius – Pisces

Sagittarius – Start; Capricorn – 5:42; Aquarius – 10:22; Pisces – 14:57

Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts and also share with your tribe. I would love to hear from you and to see if this resonates with your signs this month.


  • As a Sagittarius this has spoken to me on so many levels. I started this year meditating and reading about manifesting, but I never thought about opening up the window or even going outside. That High Priestess was giving me a power vibe. Which is funny because my last couple reading did have me sitting on the throne. I wonder who I need to talk to? Hmmm….

    • I am so glad this resonated with you! Embrace the queen that you are girl and sit proudly on that throne. For who you need to be talking to – whomever was the very first person to pop in your head is who it is.

  • Hmmm……..needed that confirmation.
    Sag. Definitely about to embark on a journey this year That 100% is going to be about embracing me.

  • Laurita Marie -

    Yes, yes, for Pisces!!! It has been too much tho, astral plaining, realm hopping and dreams being wayyyy more vivid and telling on folks!! Lmao!! Just ordered some custom made copper anklets for each ankle for grounding! This fish apparently likes it way better in the Spirit world and tends to get lost!!! Thank you Krystal for this message!

  • The Aquarius reading definitely resonates for me! This is just confirmation to start on my next projects but also reminding me I don’t have to take it all on by myself! I’ll definitely be asking my angels and ancestors to guide me to the right ppl to help!

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