Virginia Couple Pours More Than Scents Into Their Candles

Hill + River Collection brings Virginia all over the country.

Scents are one of the things that everyone loves (or hates) depending on what that scent is. The sense of smell is highly sensitive and can tell us a variety of things about all the people, places, and things. When it comes to setting a mood, the visual is key but the smell can seal the deal. We all love walking into a place that smells great (even if it doesn’t look great). The vice versa can be a total turn off as well (a place that looks great but doesn’t smell great can be considered a nuisance). I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE a good scent and the best way to get a scent into my space is with a candle. Candles are one of my favorite things to buy for the reasons listed above so when I heard about the new candle company that launched in September from a dope couple from Virginia, I just HAD to see what it was all about. Well let me say, I LOVED THEM! The scents are powerful but not overbearing and the wood wick sealed the deal for me. I love sitting quietly with my candle just cracking away – something about the wood wick sound is so soothing. Anywhoo, I got the opportunity to speak with the owners and get their insight on their company to share with you guys.

Q+A with Hill + River Owners Reggie + Kena

Where does the name Hill + River Collection come from?

Hill and River is a personal name for us. We are originally from Lynchburg, Virginia (which is nicknamed the Hill City) and we have been living in Richmond, Virginia (nicknamed the River City) for about 10 years now. We combined the two names and Hill and River Collection was born. 

Why candles?

We are obsessed with smells. Candles are always lit in our home and Reggie has a major cologne obsession. We have over 130 bottles in our bedroom! Creating candles is a way for us to express ourselves through aromas that we adore. 

What makes your candle line different from other candle lines out there? 

Our candle line is different because not only do we focus on creating candles that are room fillers, we also want to create a brand that thinks of others. We have custom services for professionals and events that allow individuals to incorporate their branding on our product. Our clients get to choose their own candle name, label color, and fragrance. 

Reid’s Vacation is very special to your heart and soon the hearts of many who can relate to Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  What made you want to tell your story and offer such a personal part of you to your customers? 

A motivating factor for us telling our story is showing others that they are not alone. Pregnancy and Infant Loss is a very vulnerable subject, but one that many people unfortunately experience. We strive to have a personal connection with our clients. To know us, is to know Reid. Because he brings us joy and peace, we knew we could give joy and peace to others with his candle.  *This candle sold out before October could even get to the halfway mark! Kudos!*

I also noticed you released a Fall scent just in time for Pumpkin Spice Season.  Can we expect to see more seasonal scents as your brand grows?

Absolutely! Our Fall scented candles have been doing very well this season. You can expect our “Winter Flights” Collection coming soon. Our Winter Flights will be a collection of four 4 oz. sample size, wooden wick candles that are winter/holiday themed.

If there is one thing you would like Hill + River to be known for, what is it?

Our creative fragrance blends that are unique to Virginia, but relatable for all.  

What I love about Hill + River Collection is their consistency with fragrance levels and beautiful packaging. I am a firm believer of simple but impactful imagery and they hit the nail on the head. To top it all off, they have amazing customer service and attention to detail. If you are thinking of buying any candles, do it ASAP because they sell out quickly (they completely sold out of their stock launch weekend). I highly advise getting on this bandwagon because this is not the last you will hear of them – they are surely on the rise.

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