Wanna Be Pretty? Stop Being Petty.

How Inner Beauty Enhances Outer Beauty

The mantra for outer beauty is to drink your water and mind your business. For the most part, this is absolutely the key to a long life of pretty faces and sexy bodies because inner beauty affects outer beauty. I mean, think about it – drink a lot of water and your skin will be clearer, your body will look better, you will have a deep from within glow that no one can match. Pair that with minding the business that pays you and you are looking at snatched waists and full bank accounts; what is prettier than that??

Ok, so it may take just a little more work to get the physical attributes we want but with all the free time we have from staying out of other people’s business, we can absolutely use it wisely. The number one way to keep yourself pretty is to stop being petty. I know you are thinking, “Krystal, what the hell are you talking about?” but hear me out. A lot of things affect our appearance and they are not all external. How we feel, think, eat, all play a major factor in living a beautiful life – inside and out. Now what does this have to do with being petty? Well let’s dive into the number one reason people are NOT attractive.

Petty is never pretty.

For some reason, people feel this level of importance with being unbothered, unmoved, or as most like to say – petty. The reality is being petty is highly low vibrational. Whenever we have petty moments (and yes, I am including myself here), we are really just being messy. NOW, everything people deem as petty isn’t but true pettiness comes from a place of ‘Mean Girl Central’ and there is nothing pretty about it. It is never a good look to make someone else look or feel bad UNLESS in a reciprocity type of situation. Yes, I believe in matching energy sometimes and most people do not get it until you do so go with your move. I know I will.

You ever met a physically attractive person but something about them just was plain UGLY? I know you have because we all have. Even if we could not pinpoint it, it was something about them that was just off. Nine times out of ten, it was the way they acted and ten times out of ten, it was because of some deep rooted trauma thay need to iron out. Therapy anyone??

Leave the stress at the door.

Whenever we tend to not mind our business, we are almost always picking up someone else’s stress and problems. Stress is a very fast way to make your looks go downhill. It will cause breakouts, hair loss, and even death. Now who is trying to die in the name of being nosey?? Pick up that glass or bottle of water and get to drinking. Whenever you feel the need to be petty or jump into someone else’s life in an unsolicited way – drink a glass of water instead. Trust me, it will change how you feel literally and figuratively because if this is a major problem for you, you can expect to have a heavy belly and a lot of regret.

Focus on ironing out your own life.

I do not care who you are or how great your life is, there is always SOMETHING you could be working on to better yourself. Self care looks different for everyone but one thing that should look the same is therapy – especially those pretty ugly bitches. I am also an advocate of everyone getting into meditation because grounding yourself and knowing how to go within and focus is always a plus. Implementing the previous suggestions and doing things to make yourself physically appealing to YOU (facials, working out, eating better, finding the perfect skin care routine) will for sure have you feeling pretty AF.

The bottom line is, inner beauty affects outer beauty. Take care of yourself from the inside (mentally and physically) and it will for sure show on the outside. Be certain to keep pettiness to a minimum and mind the business that pays you for the best results!

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