Talk To Me Nice: Benefits of Affirming Your Kids

The Importance of Affirming Your Children

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And I stand ten toes down on that! I am a firm believer that words are spells. You can either bless yourself or curse yourself. I always watch what I say. When I speak to myself, I always speak love, peace, abundance, blessings and everything sweet. The same goes for my children. I could never curse them– they are not my “broke little best friends” as the popular meme says. You may think it’s just a funny meme, all for the shits and giggles but aht aht! You’re actually speaking that into the universe or the atmosphere, calling it into your children’s lives.  The universe does not joke. It hears you talking and speaking things and it lets it be. This topic was touched on in “Keeping Trust with Your Teen“. Positive reinforcement and encouragement go hand in hand with affirming your children. My children are wealthy, successful, and breaking generational curses at a young age. When I speak to my baby, I tell him he is handsome, smart, talented, and gifted even at the tender age of two. I speak life to my children.

I remember being at the gas station one day, waiting in line to pay for my gas. A mother walked in with her infant and older son no more than 5 or 6 years old. The infant dropped his pacifier, the older son picked it up to give back to the baby, and the mother called the son, “a dumb ass” for his attempt to help. Now giving a pacifier back to a baby that fell on a filthy gas station floor without properly sanitizing it is not the smartest thing to do but big brother was just trying to help his baby sibling and mom. Calling your child a dumb ass will unbelievably have your child being a dumb ass!


Negativity is hard to cancel out.

I notice this so much with my teen daughter. At 14, everything is hard or she hates it. While this may hold true especially with the challenges of virtual school, I do my best to turn those negatives into a positive. I do not dismiss her feelings because they are valid and her truth. However, I always flip it. Instead of focusing on the negativities, I proclaim to her, “Baby girl, I know this is challenging and you may not have the concept or skill down pact yet but you will overcome this hump and achieve this! You are so smart. You’ve got this!” Many people do not understand how powerful the mind is. You really do have the power to change a situation just by controlling your thoughts about it.  Affirming my daughter to see her situation differently by reminding her how smart she is and she may just need a little more time smash her goal helps turns those negatives into positives always.


A grateful & positive mindset brings in blessings.

When I started affirming my children in my daily prayers the blessings I spoke over them began to come to fruition. When I started to thank God for, “the endless opportunities of educational advancement, the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, hobbies, sports, and to travel which my children take great advantage of”, the opportunities really started coming in for them. Every New Year for the past five years or so, my daughter and I do vision boards together. This activity is not only fun and a way to purge all of the old magazines but it helps us to keep a positive mindset of what we are praying for and working on achieving for the year. The visual helps to affirm her every time she sees the board.


You raise confident children who are better equipped when met with adversity.

Nobody likes a, “I can’t…” man or woman. This type of behavior is definitely learned at home during those impressionable years. Your children are learning your ways directly and indirectly all the time so you must ensure they are always getting a lesson that will benefit them throughout life and not hinder them. Affirming your children will boost their confidence levels. Confident children are leaders and problem solvers. When a problem is at hand, affirmed children look for a solution and refuse to wallow in worry.

Do you watch what you say about yourself or what you say to your children? Do you believe in affirming your children to reinforce positivity into their lives? Let me know your thoughts on this and leave me a comment below.

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  • I love everything about this! We lean on affirmations daily and should grow and support our children with them!

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