Why “No New Friends” is B.S.

  • Author: Yadie Prosper

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It is 2020 yall and some of our mindsets are still stuck in the 90s. While that was a great era, it is time for our minds to evolve. If you are still shouting no new friends in 2020, we need you to find a seat in a corner sis. Drake lyrics make our caption game strong on Instagram, but when he said “no new friends” back in 2013 we have to strongly disagree. Don’t get me wrong that song was a throwback bop, but just like that song that way of thinking is also dated. We sometimes set ourselves up for failure with our small thinking. Let go of small thinking this year and you can start with ditching the whole no new friends thing. It is total B.S.

Change is inevitable and we all should be growing. That means that sometimes we outgrow our friendships. If we only attach ourselves to those A1’s, what will take place when we’ve outgrown that friendship? No matter how independent you are, you need people. You need people to support you, to encourage you, and hold you accountable. If the growing process is one sided in a friendship, what value does that create? We’ll answer that for you. NONE! We are not saying you need all new besties, but chile be open to connecting with some dope chicks.

Your friends don’t always have the same interests as you. You need friends who enjoy what you enjoy. Make connections with people who share the same interest as you. You can not do this if you are opposed to making new friends. There is a tribe out there waiting for you. People that have been through what you are going through. People who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Surround yourself with walking miracles and be fulfilled in their overflow. Your tribe can not find you if you are yelling “no new friends.”

You never know what value can be added to your life, by just being open to new connections. We are not telling you to ditch all your current friends, but we do encourage you to get up and make some new ones. A1’s since day 1 hold a very special place in our hearts. Don’t go giving up on your already besties. Have an open mind and ditch that “no new friends” mantra. We only want whats real for you and “No new friends” is some real B.S.
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