Will It Last? Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker’s Love Prediction

Yes, we heard Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are dating but we were waiting for Kourt’ to make it Instagram official before we touched this. I mean, is it really real if she doesn’t post you? Some would say yes but…


I must say that I love this connection for Kourtney. We’ve watched her frolic around with Scott Disick for years and I know I’m not the only one who didn’t see the flames there. I mean, not even a spark. But out with the old and in with the new. Kourtney is boo’d up with Travis Barker and this here, ladies and gentlemen, is no entanglement, OK! It’s giving, rebirth. It’s giving, that love I never knew I needed. It’s giving, ”This is my person and I’ll fuck you up behind them.” It’s the love we all truly want. Yes, you want it! And you’ll receive it once you get off of your high horse and admit it. Let’s dive into this relationship and see if it’s one that will make it to the alter.

What does Kourt’ and Travis like about each other?

Everything! I’m almost compelled to call this love at first sight. Kourtney is a Aries sun and Capricorn moon. This is a woman who’s intelligent, ambitious and has a noticeable streak. That can be quite intimidating for most men but not our Scorpio, Travis. Scorpions are ruled by the planet Pluto (the god of the underworld). Scorpios are used to feeling out of place; but that doesn’t stop them from aiming at their target and going after it. Underqualified and all, a Scorpio will approach the president if it felt attracted to him. Scorpios are charming and when they speak, people listen. Kourt’s Aries sun/Cap’ moon combo’ took her to a place of surprise by Travis’ interest in her and NOT because he’s the catch. “This guy is really approaching me, what huge balls he must have” were the vibes.

These too did not skip any steps. The rapport was heavy. Travis’ intellectual side and views of life kept Kourtney on the phone, pulling up to visit with him and intrigued. Of course, she was smitten by the witty, yet mysterious, bad boy vibe. Travis Scott on the other hand may have had a good girl before but Kourtney brings a whole new meaning to the phrase for him. And he’s enjoying bringing out her inner freak. We all know Kourtney to be the Kardashian whose life seems to be the most seamless. She’s more clean cut and direct but still has a humorous side. Just like any Aries woman she loves to have a good time but you won’t find it all plastered in Snapchat videos the next day. However, Scorpio men love showing showing off and they have a way of putting their most prized possessions on a pretty pedestal wrapped in beautiful words for all to see. Where Kourt’ may have not wanted the attention before, she doesn’t mind it now.

How will they exist in each others world?

If a Scorpio can mix work and pleasure, they will. Travis won’t have any problem with Kourtney being his arm candy, ever. Scorpio men loves to feel the presence of their love interest whenever they could. Kourtney may be used to scheduled dates and such but Aries women do have a wild, spontaneous side. Hopefully she’s fine with embracing it often, because the ocean-like flow of the Scorpio will pull this out of her more. Disagreements with these two can get pretty heated. Fire signs aren’t easily upset but when they are, look out for the flames and the coldness that follows. Travis, won’t allow Kourtney to stay distant too long as Scorpios hate for their loved ones to stay mad at them. Scorpios need harmony in relationships at all times. Travis will definitely be the first to apologize and play the roll of the bigger person to ensure no argument goes on longer than it has to.

Both Travis and Kourtney have children. Kourtney might have wanted to take her time to introduce her kids to her new lover. Travis on the other hand doesn’t see the point. I mean, he’s already tatted her name on him. When a Scorpio falls in love, they fall hard and fast. They believe that the quicker their families are onboard, the better. They don’t see the point in waiting or limiting themselves. We’re already seeing them out on adventures together and there will be more. Travis will pull Kourtney away from work often. Scorpio men love to go out and let their hair down. They love the art dating and being romantic, so he’ll definitely keep the courting going strong.

How’s the sex?

Simply kept, it’s nasty! Scorpios are professional soul snatchers. It’s in their astrological DNA. They are pleasers and they won’t be satisfied unless they know you are. Aries on the other hand, are much like Leo’s in the bedroom, they want to be worshipped. The Scorpio loves a tease. They want phone sex, X-rated video chats and nudes from the start. This sex is hot and never lazy. Lots of deep conversations during the act initiated by the Scorpio. Travis will keep Kourtney’s attention on him with his intensity, no mind wondering going in these love making sessions. Kourtney will match his energy with initiating spontaneous sexual acts and yes, probably in public.

Will it last?

There’s a lot of passion and child-like energy between Travis and Kourtney and the flames just won’t burn out. I could see wedding bells for the two unless they prefer not to bring tradition into their relationship. I’d bet the house that Kourtney ends up carrying littles Travis’.

What do you think? Is Kourtney and Travis a forever thing or nah?

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