Will It Last? Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s Love Prediction

We recently covered Lori Harvey’s dating history, so understand me when I say I was a little nervous about writing this. Knowing Lori, she’d be onto the next before I hit the publish button. I was a little surprised about this union. Michael B. Jordan is every woman’s crush, unless that woman is a Capricorn. And Lori Harvey is a Capricorn woman. While MBJ may be able to steal the heart of anyone who takes a look at him, the locking of eyes typically doesn’t happen between a Capricorn and an Aquarius. Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan both exude their zodiac signs to the max, making this connection even more strange, astrologically.

The typical Capricorn woman is very well put together. She has her day planned out from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. She dresses as though she’s always ready to make a first impression. Business chic is her favorite. She thrives off of structure, organization and discipline. She has a plan for her plan. Lori Harvey is no different. Lori Harvey is young model who have graced the runways for fashion brands as big as Dolce & Gabbana. Prior to modeling Lori was a competitive equestrian. She wanted a career as an Olympian but those dreams were shattered after a horrible accident that broke her back and tore her MCL. Lori didn’t let that keep her down, she used her influence to break into the fashion industry. On her own, Lori Harvey is now worth over 1 million dollars.

Aquarius men loves to express themselves through their attires. You’ll find a wardrobe filled with bold colors, prints and textures. They also love to over accessorize, so expect multiple gold chains, cool glasses and hats from this guy. You won’t find a planner in his possession because everything is done on a whim. Michael B. Jordan’s career dates back to the late 1990’s when he was a child actor, so it’s safe to say his parents played a big part in getting his career off the ground. There’s been rumors that MBJ dating history includes Kylie Jenner, Snoh Aalegra, and Victoria’s Secret model Cindy Bruna but we haven’t seen him flaunt these ladies around the way he has Lori.

What Lori and Michael like about each other

Despite the incompatibility, opposites attract and I can see why the two are going nuts over each other. Other than physical attraction, differences are playing a huge role in this romance. Michael sees a grown woman when he looks at Lori, even though she’s younger than he is. He admires her drive and how she executes things. Capricorns are natural nurturers and over assurers, so he probably feels well taken care of. Men love mother figures. I’m sure he’s also inspired by her and the way she pushes him and advises him in his career. If she’s not directing his steps now, she’s planning on it, Trust me!

Lori on the other hand, is loving how creative MBJ is. Aquarians are creative to the core and very expressive. Michael B. Jordan woo’s her in a way no man has before. He’s big on the show and tell. She loves how genuine and chivalrous MBJ is. Capricorn’s are old spirited. Skip any steps while dating them and you’ll find your text messages left on read. Although Michael B. Jordan is successful, Lori still sees him as a project. Capricorn’s are always looking to make their loved one’s better, however they can. Lori is enjoying the honeymoon stage with her Aquarius. She loves the attention he’s giving and the nickname’s are a plus. Capricorns love being spoken to as though they’re the center of your universe. The whole ”Turtle” thing, she’s eating it up.

How will they exist in each other worlds

Both the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs are ruled by the planet Saturn. Lori and Michael will either bring the traditions they were raised on into the relationship or create new ones. These are two individuals who will prefer things defined, especially if they take their love to the next level. I’m talking marriage and little ones. People born under the planet Saturn view their loved ones as indispensable to their lives. This is a great combination for an unconditional love match. Being able to endure the tough times are very important in relationships. I’m predicting a life of big savings accounts and 401k’s for grandkids eight generations unborn. But arguments between these two can move mountains and not in a positive manor.

Saturn is also the planet of justice. Lets hope these two keep a clean slate with one another. Jealousy and infidelity on either part can plant seeds of bad karma before the universe intervenes. Capricorn women posses the weirdest level of jealousy. Lori will encourage MBJ to move freely throughout his career, but watching it may cause her to feel left out despite her own successful ventures. Michael won’t understand her being bothered by what he perceives small or nonexistent. Lori will feel notice his misunderstanding for her feelings and recommit to herself. When a Capricorn woman doesn’t like what’s going on in her relationship, she will give you space and refocus on herself. Is this why Lori moves on so fast? While fireworks are bursting right now, the Capricorn and Water-bearer can run into some problems later.

What is the sex like

As a Capricorn women, Lori doesn’t mind initiating sex. Aquarius like to take their time, I mean, not make a move at all and think their doing the exact opposite. Lori loves to create a love making ambiance, and not just on birthdays and holidays. You can expect light bulb changes, sexy lingerie and something a little different every time. She will come as her best alpha self but at some point she’ll expect you to overcome her and show her what you’ve got. Aquarius, are ultra kinks, but they won’t show that side early on. Michael will follow Lori’s lead until he embraces his vulnerable side and feels he can fully trust Lori. Once he let’s go, Lori will be surprised at who he becomes. She may be taken back by this ”newness” but Capricorn women loves a good kink, just don’t ask for nothing on her list of off-limits. Talk about being offended…WHEW!

Will this love last?

I think it’s safe to say that this connection may last longer than Lori’s previous lovers but I can’t see it being a forever thing. We may see an engagement but a marriage? It’s unlikely. Lori clearly has short patience in relationships. The Saturn ruling Aquarius will surely try her, or at least she’ll think he is, and she’ll kick him to the curb with the rest.

What’s your opinion, do you think Lori and Michael B. Jordan will make it to the alter?

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