You Got This, How to stay motivated in the midst of Coronavirus

  • Author: Yadie Prosper

Hey Sis, how you feeling? With all the mayhem going on in the world right now getting to your goals is probably the last thing on your mind. Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has reared it’s ugly face into the world and is wreaking havoc. Alot of us are going crazy, buying up all the tissue (Why?) and losing our ish. Now is not the time to panic, stay calm and stay focused on the goals you set at the beginning of 2020. We know, We know, the last thing on your mind right now is that. But my girl, how would you feel after all this is over and you’ve been slacking on yourself? Look in the mirror, slap some water on your face and get it together Sis. We know it’s hard to stay motivated when there is chaos going on all around you. If you won’t listen to us, listen to women who are the face of success to keep you motivated admist the chaos.

“I’ve grown most not from victories, but setbacks. If winning is God’s reward, then losing is how He teaches us.” -Serena Williams

“Stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.”

-Maya Angelou

“Never let success go to your head, never let failure get to your heart.” – Beyonce

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” – Michelle Obama

“Dreams become reality when we put our minds to it.” -Queen Latifah

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them. – Madam CJ Walker

“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness.” -Janelle Monae

“Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.”

– Shonda Rhimes

Sis, that was a whole lotta game and a whole bunch of motivation. Don’t let this Coronavirus have you sleep out here. Your goals need you. You are an amazing woman with much potential. Don’t let this pandemic we are currently facing keep you from being great. Stay hydrated, motivated and WASH YOUR HANDS Sis! YOU GOT THIS!

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