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            High On Beignets was founded by Shavoi' Kent whose aspirations were to work in journalism from childhood. Shavoi' learned her way around writing the perfect essay in grade school.While her classmates were learning creative writing to get a passing grade, Shavoi' discovered what would become an outlet and way of expression. She challenged herself to write poetry and short stories that were purposeful and provoked readers emotionally. Shavoi's creative writing techniques lead her to win several awards and earn a mastery scoring on skilled tests. As life went on Shavoi found herself using social media to document and review new things she would try out whether it was a restaurant, bar, or festival. She was later inspired by a friend who started an online parenting blog and High On Beignets was born.

            Shavoi' launched High On Beignets (a metaphor for her love of New Orleans and retro style) giving locals and tourists one place where they can find a list of instagram worthy bars, great eats, or if they wanted to know what to wear to the Jazz Festival. Instantly, High On Beignets was a hit. Shavoi' received PR mail the same day the blog launched and High On Beignets became Shavoi's first name in the streets. Though success was on the rise, High On Beignets was short lived. Shavoi' loved blogging and finally putting those journalism dreams to use but she felt she had more to offer than just raving reviews about the city she lived in. Shavoi' launched a blog in her namesake where she talks about fashion, career, and everything in between. There was no thought in her mind of turing back to work on High On Beignets but many people would begin to ask her what she was going to do with the brand. Shavoi' reached out to several of her blogger friends who all have bomb personal brands and asked them to contribute to High On Beignets to make the platform the powerhouse it deserved to be. She knew she would need help operating such a brand so she asked Jazmine Boutte, blogger of Thejdseries.com and New Orleans known professional bruncher to join her in business. Shavoi' and Jazmine met in person for the first time after Jazmine invited her to one of her fashion brunches in December 2018. Jazmine always spoke highly of the brand even after Shavoi' had moved on from High On Beignets. Shavoi' always thought Jazmine was just as passionate about the brand as she was and thought she would be a great business partner. Together the duo set out with one main goal: to make High On Beignets the most creative media website on the internet while empowering and informing. With adding categories such as Style, Beauty, Relationships, Health and Food...there's certainly something for everybody. The two revamped the 'Colorful Girl' spotlight (Originally, Black Women of New Orleans) a place where you can find the stories of minority women who have built thriving brands and businesses. Shavoi's reason for this monthly segment was to speak to young creatives whose aspirations aren't as traditional. Shavoi' and Jazmine has a team of of great writers and are confident that High On Beignets will become a household name.

 Meet the Creators

Founder & Editor in chief

Shavoi' is a New Orleans Native who believes in leading with fashion. She has always enjoyed expressing herself through writing and has won awards for her poetry. Shavoi's passion lies in journalism and that passion birthed High On Beignets. She loved the idea of a personal brand and having authority over her own creativity. Shavoi' is also the blogger behind iamshavoikent.com, where she inspires women in fashion and career. When not working Shavoi is spending time with her loving husband, daughter and son or enjoying a pretty mixed drink at a fancy, local bar.

Co - founder & Managing editor

Jazmine Boutte is a Marketing & Social Media Manager, Event Planner and creator of The JD Series Lifestyle & Fashion Blog She is a New Orleans native who has donned herself a Professional Bruncher. She curates unique fashion related events and brunch experiences around New Orleans. She initially started The JD Series Blog with the hopes of inspiring plus size women to be confident and take fashion risk. She has succeeded in not only inspiring plus size women but women of all shapes and sizes. Throughout her journey as a blogger her biggest goal has also been to bring creatives together and encourage collaboration between women.

Our Editors



Skin Care & Make Up Editor

Krystal is a Content Creator, Creative Writer, and Triple Entrepreneur. Krystal knows all things beauty & business and has a great way of explaining it all. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Clinical Herbalist, Professional Makeup Artist, Business Strategist, as well as the owner of Andrelle Natural Skin Care so she has a wealth of knowledge to share and loves being an open book. You can keep up with her via social media @krystlbarmstrong.



Wellness Editor

Christian Gobert is a twenty something girl mom, health enthusiast, and proud millennial sharing her passion and knowledge to inspire women to reveal their inner GLEAUX by prioritizing their health, self-love, and authenticity. Christian completed her certification in holistic health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has since used her coaching skills to help women of all backgrounds fight their fear of change and take charge of their lives. Christian stresses the idea of small, achievable daily changes and their ability to lead to lasting, lifestyle changes. She is currently in the works of developing her personal brand and coaching business and can’t wait to see where that journey takes her! When Christian isn’t working, she can be found spending time with her daughter, enjoying a bottomless mimosa special at one of her favorite brunch spots (it’s all about balance and moderation), or exploring a new spot with friends in the beautiful city of New Orleans.



Parenting Editor

Meet Janitza Vasquez, a single mom of two boys from New Orleans. She's an ESL teacher by day and a grad student and blogger by night. Janitza graduated from Northwestern State University with a bachelors in Communications but decided to purse a career in Education after giving birth to her first. She is also the creator of a lifestyle blog called GetItTagetherMama. Her dream is for her blog to empower and support women through their motherhood journey.When she isn't working, you can find her enjoying life with her two boys, reading a good book or online shopping.


Colorful Women of New Orleans Spotlight Editor

Meet Lynyadia, known to all her friends as Yadie. She is a visionary and creator of IV GREY BLOG. A lifestyle blog where she uses her life experiences to encourage others to live their best lives. Lynyadia is a wife and mom from New Orleans, where she currently resides. She likes to think that she is a modern day super hero tackling life as a wife, mom and writer. Her passions include Jesus, family and encouraging others. Lynyadia's favorite phrase are "you got this" and if you're around her long enough she'll make you feel like you do!



Natural Hair Editor

Janique is a New Orleans native, a wife to her husband Sean, and devoted mommy to her two year old daughter Blake, and her one year old son Sean Jr. She attended Xavier University of Louisiana and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. During that time is also when she developed an interest in YouTube vlogging about her life as a mother and her natural hair journey. After working in public accounting for 5 years, Janique decided to pursue her passion for the beauty industry by starting her own natural hair care company. Currently, she’s the Founder and CEO of Krewe Natural (www.krewenatural.com), as well as a beauty and mommy/lifestyle YouTube vlogger (@janiqueness). When not running her business, you can find her reading a new book, relaxing by enjoying a good movie or binge watching a Netflix series, and finding fun things to do with her family.


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