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3 Lessons 2020 Has Taught Me (So far...) To Thrive In Life

Is anyone else looking for 2021 already? Like throw the whole 2020 away and 2021 me please! We are not halfway through the year yet and 2020 has put a beating on me. I'm over in the corner begging to be let up out this thing, but 2020 keeps going blow for blow. Then like a breath of fresh air it throws a subtle reminder that " Either you win or you learn!" Though I've been looking at these constant jabs as losses, they have actually been lessons. Lessons sent to make me stronger, lessons to make me wiser, lessons to help me thrive as the woman I was meant to be. That beating I was taking wasn't all for nothing. It's the lessons that were learned through it all. Like many, I've made the vision board, set the goals, and did everything in my power right to live my best life all 2020. But Life happened, L after L seem to be my reality. So I did like Chance the Rapper and turned my L's into lessons. Here's 3 lessons 2020 has taught me so far to thrive in my life.

Everybody ain't ya Friend.

First on the list, let's talk about friends. I was that naïve being that thought everyone was my friend, we cool, we vibe, we rock, we good right? Nope! Hell no! I should have listened when my mama used to say , "them ain't ya real friends." Sadly 2020 has proved her correct again. People closest to me have betrayed me. Just like the jabs 2020 been throwing, I was secretly being beaten up by so called friends. This L comes as a good ole lesson. Everybody that you call friend may not be your real friend. Some "friends" hate you for how other people treat you. Some "friends" are jealous of what you have and they don't. Some "friends" are only here for the ride, when you are down; they are out. Guess what this is your stop sis because this ride is over. In order to thrive in your life you have to learn his valuable lesson. Everybody ain't ya friend!

God Controls Everything.

Coming in at second is a lesson I think we all have learned this year. Only God and Beyoncé (of course) can tell the world to stop and it listens...Carry on. 2020 has taught me that you can make all the plans in the world, but God is in control of everything. At anytime He can cease EVERYTHING - ahem, world pandemic- COVID - 19. Listen, We don't control shit. God does. So to thrive, you gotta know that you can make all the plans your heart desires, but when God calls a time out, there isn't anything you can do about it. Accept it and move accordingly.

Love you First, always choose you.

This was a tough lesson for me, but the most necessary. I have been navigating the waters of self love and I think I have finally figured out what it means to love me. Though it has taken much time for me to even consider the field of loving me, I like here. This new found love will not be taken by anybody. Sis the year isn't over, take some time for you. Learn what it means to love you and choose you first. Stop coming in last place in your own life. If you take nothing from this post, take this: Only you can show others how to love you, but you gotta know what that looks like for yourself. There is no way you can thrive in life without SELF LOVE, I've tried.

What are some lessons you have learned this year? Let us know in the comments.


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