• Janique Bardell

3 Things that Naturalistas are Canceling!

1.) Non-Black Owned Hair Care Products

With all of the recent protests against racism, the efforts of many naturalistas to support black owned businesses has increased tremendously. Below are a few black-owned hair care companies:

Camille Rose Naturals

Mielle Organics

Alikay Naturals

Eden Bodyworks

2.) Fear of Hair Cuts

In the past, nobody wanted to let go of their inches…regardless of whether it was for a beautiful new cut that they’ve admired for months, or even for trimming split ends. Now, short hair is IN!

3.) Silk Press/Straightened Hair

More and more naturals are starting to embrace their hair in its natural state. Simultaneously, many are also sick and tired of the infamous heat damage due to straightening their curls. In most cases, one minute you’re rocking a beautiful silk press, and the next minute your curl pattern disappears forever.


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