• Christian Gobert

40 Self-Care Tips to Try When It’s Just One of those Days

We all have those days that are simply put “just one of those days”. Some days more than others in different times of your life, am I right?

In this post you'll see 40 go to self care activities for when you are feeling drained and need a little pick me up.

Because let’s face it ish get’s tough, and it’s all on you to be strong and get through it


1. Take a walk 

2. Take a yoga class 

3. Volunteer

4. Go to bed earlier 

5. Wake up earlier

6. Hang out with a friend 

7. Take a long bath 

8. Get a massage

9. Eat more fruits and veggies

10. Drink more water

11. Clean out your closet

12. Donate to a charity

13. Clean and declutter your house

14. Give up social media for a day, weekend, or week 

15. Set boundaries in your relationships

16. Cancel negative people

17. Read a book 

18. Clean your car 

19. Organize your desk 

20. Roam a bookstore 

21. Have a girl’s night in 

22. Stop hiding from your debt 

23. Stop procrastinating 

24. Meditate in the mornings 

25. Start a Workout routine  

26. Journal 

27. Burn candles 

28. Turn the tv off and reflect

29. Make plans with old friends 

30. Get a fresh haircut 

31. Start a DIY project 

32. Watch your favorite movie 

33. Spend time alone 

34. leep in/stay in bed until you’re ready 

35. Stop rushing and slow down

36. Make a vision board 

37. Get your nails done/ or do them yourself 

38. Go grocery shopping 

39. Plan a trip 

40. Explore your city


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