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This Song's For You

Updated: Feb 20

Whatever you are going through there's a song for it. Music is one of those things that can see into you and change how you are feeling at any moment. I'm a moody listener, meaning I like to listen to certain songs based on how I'm feeling. With all the different genres, artists and songs out there, you are bound to find what you need when you need it. With that being said, have you ever experienced a moment where you forgot who you were? Of course not literally, but have you ever gotten to a point where you needed a little reminder that you were "that chick?" Sis, we know who you are. We see you, but sometimes it's hard for us to see our own greatness. We get motivated by many different things like books, quotes and even other people. Today we want to take it a bit further and tell you when you forget who you are, Sis cut the radio up. There's music out there that will get your mind right with the snap of a finger. No need to go searching for said songs. We got you boo. Here's the playlist you need to remember wtf you are Sis. Some songs you may know, some you may not. Either way you need to add them to your playlist because "you got it girl, you got it." This song's for you.

20 Songs to remind you that "YOU BAD" Sis!

1. Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj feat Beyonce

2. Sex With Me - Rihanna

3. Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

4. Act Up - City Girls

5. Money Bag Cardi B

6. No Guidance - Chris Brown feat Drake

7. Illest B&!ch - Wale

8. ***Flawless - Beyonce

9.Just Fine - Mary J. Blige

10. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

11. Roar - Katy Perry

12. Juicy - Dojo Cat

13.Hot Girl Summer - Megan Thee Stallion

14. Take Yo Man - Salt- N- Pepa

15. Pu$$y Fairy - Jhene Aiko

16. She Knows - Neyo feat Juicy J

17. Nice - The Carters

18. Realer - Megan Thee Stallion

19. I Do - Cardi B

20. Irreplaceable - Beyonce


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