Baecation or Staycation

With or Without a Bae is the question?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and for those who have a relationship it’s all good, but for those who aren’t in one it’s just another day for you to wonder when your turn will come. Doesn’t help that Will Packer chose 2 of black Hollywood’s hottest, funniest stars to drop what appears to be our modern day Love Jones, in what is billed “The Photograph.”

Issa’s character is afraid to take a chance on love because she’s afraid of the what if’s. Many of us are afraid of travel because we’re afraid of doing it solo or because we aren’t boo’d up like the rest of the crew. But what if your Mr. Right is walking through MSY boarding the same flight that you are, because he got tired of not going because his friends flaked? Wouldn’t it be ideal to fly to Greece to spend a few nights under the Oia sunsets? I can’t help but to think about how many of us always hope that one day our girls trip or our solo trip could turn into a BAECATION?

The saying is true, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. You’ll never get to the baecation until you step out of your comfort zone. You have to be available and outside of the comfort of your own home to meet Mr. Right. I can tell you from personal experience, Santorini and Mykonos are beautiful but the experience is like non other when you’re with your significant other.

I’ll end with this, my husband was on vacation in Miami when I met him, my exact words to him was, “why wasn’t I invited?” Not hi, or hello. I was in awe that I had seen him again after all these years (I had a crush on him In high school, never said anything, he never even noticed me.) I didn’t let the fact that he was on his way to Miami to be a lil vulture, (it was Memorial Day weekend) stop my chance at finally getting my man. I shot my shot, and I won. Moral of the story, book the trip, you never know what’s on the other side of the world waiting for you.

Sis, don’t create too many more photographs alone, the memories mean so much more when you have someone to share them with. Maybe a relationship is not for you and that’s ok, and in that case take the picture and show it to all your friends who keep canceling!

And for those who are wondering where me and travel bae will be this valentine, we’ll be on the parade route in New Orleans, because I’m a band mom now. Yippeeee (insert smirk emoji) 😏


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