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Updated: Jan 31

Admit it, for most, Bali like many other destinations, was not on our must-see list until “the gram” made it pop. Then immediately when you saw it, you just knew it was too expensive to go to, so you put it on your vision board for one day. But after it kept showing up on your feed, you said F it, pushed it up to your dirty thirty or your forty and fabulous trip with your crew. I know cause I too, did the same thing. With a little patience and a few hashtags, I began planning my ultimate Bali experience here’s my take on Bali as a young black millennial!

Bali is most known for its yoga and meditation retreats, its illustrious waterfalls, beaches and rice fields has made it one of the worlds fastest growing destination among travelers age 20-45.

How to get there- Bali is made up of three islands, its most popular island is where most travel to, Gili Trawangan consisting of Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu. It is most affordable to fly to Bali from LAX and you can expect to fly there making a stop in different parts of Asia for your layover depending on the airline, making your flight approximately 27 hours. I highly recommend Singapore Airlines or Cathay Airlines, but if you find a good deal elsewhere take it!

Where to stay- after spending sometime there I’d highly recommend that you split your time in two areas, Ubud and Seminyak. Ubud will give you cultural, relaxation, and sights, Seminyak on the other hand gives you beach and nightlife. You have to be careful when selecting accommodations in Ubud as it is extremely large and you can easily be 2 hours away from something. This is where Airbnb comes in handy because it provides a map and experiences in the area to help, additionally you can find the most luxurious villas on Airbnb for what you would spend on brunch and unlimited mimosas! Yes, it’s that cheap don’t be so quick to book a hotel!

How to get around- a personal driver is the way to go! Not only is it the safest and easiest its cheap, like $40 USD for 10 hours, split amongst friends its nothing. Besides the traffic and the fact that there are only 2 narrow lanes is quite frightening, most of the time I just covered my eyes. Do not rent a scooter, YOU ARE NOT prepared to drive in their traffic.

What to do- The Instagram tour, yes, it’s really a thing. Another reason to have the driver, this tour cannot be done in 10 hours without being rushed if you’re apart of a tour group. Because Bali is so hot amongst travelers you have to get up early to beat the crowds and you really want to take everything in, this was truly the best decision we made.

Here are my must see while in Bali:


Bali Swing• Bali Tegallalang Rice Terrace• Tirta Empul Temple• Ubud Art Market• Gates of Heaven• Kanto Lampo Waterfall• Wanagiri Hidden Hills• Udaya Spa


Penny Lane • Finns VIP Beach Club• Mrs Sippy Bali• Nusa Penida Island• La Plancha Bali• Komodo National Park

So, you’re wondering, how hard can I go while in Bali? 1 USD equals 13,652.00 IDR! I’d say you can go pretty damn hard. Most excursions with the exception of the spa and the Bali Swing are literally 1 to 2 USD to enter. Food and alcohol will probably run you about $40 USD for the whole day which is on the high end and could be considerably less. We visited Finns VIP beach club and spent the whole day there with VIP Beds,alcohol and food and spent less than $200, it was our biggest expense. So, can you go to Bali for a week with $800 and ball out? The answer is yes if all of your accommodations and driver has been taken care of.

Last but not least, your Bali travel checklist:

Mosquito repellant, its best to buy the wristband• Disposable wipes Bali doesn’t believe in flushing tissue• Over the counter meds for headaches, stomach aches, and creams• Universal wall charger for countries that include Asia• A copy of your passport• Portable Charger• Lots of swimwear • Sunscreen• Airy loose-fitting clothes• Compression socks for the long flight• Travel lap bag for necessities on the long flight (don’t want to disturb your neighbor every time you need something)

So now that you have the blueprint, when are you booking the flight sis?

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