Children's TV Shows with Minority Lead

Growing up I don't remember seeing much characters on tv that looked like me or my friends. Back then we didn't have a black or brown Disney princess nor did we have black or brown superheroes. Now we did have the Cosby show, Family Matters and a bunch of other classic sitcoms, but nothing that was created specifically for kids. It wasn't until I was entering my pre-teen years that I remember Disney Channel finally putting out tv shows that showcased black and brown characters and families. I still remember how excited I was when I first seen Lacienega Boulevardez, the beautiful but snotty Latina on the Proud Family. Fast forward almost 20 years and while a lot still hasn't changed when it comes to black and brown people, I'm excited to say that television has made great strides towards the representation of black and brown children. Below is a list of kid television shows that show features black and brown lead characters from youngest to oldest.

  1. Doc McStuffins

2. Blaze and the Monster Machine

3. Nella and the Princess Knight

  1. Mo Town Magic

5. Mama K's Team 4

6. Spiderman into the Spider Verse

7.Ravens Home

8.Family Reunion

9. Diary of a Future President

10. Grownish

11. All American

12. Black Lightening

13.On My Block


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