Home Decor Inspiration & Five Influencers Killing It

Updated: Jul 9

Style is honestly what you make it. As a LIKEtoKNOW.it influencer I was worried that my style wouldn’t transition into sales for me and boy was I wrong! I now strongly believe it’s because of my diverse selections within my home that I have been able to select pieces that suit everyone.

The most popular styles are minimalistic, glam, boho chic, and modern/contemporary. I’m honestly all of them combined. I’m a mother of 5 boys so I can’t have nice pieces in every room. I have 2 rooms that are off limits and it shows lol. The rest of the house outside of my bedroom they can have.

The biggest misconception about remodeling is that it’s too expensive. However, that’s not always the case. I’ve found amazing pieces in the most unexpected places. I literally did one room over for a few hundred bucks and a new coat of paint.

One of my favorite influencers to follow for minimalistic designs is ShayMone her whole home has a black and white design aesthetic. I don’t know how she keeps it so clean with 3 small kids! She is one to follow for not only home design but fashion too! Check out her style below!

Another influencer that I absolutely love is TheSouthernPeony. She is the DIY princess and she makes me think that I can tackle any project! Her style is boho chic mixed with a little contemporary. These are some of her most recent projects that I love!

Next up is the RamblingRedhead she’s so hilarious HGTV has given her, her own show. She’s definitely mid-century modern and another DIY queen! Check out some of her designs below.

Last but not least we have breeganjane. I had to save the best for last. Sis style is a whole mood, it’s also one I can’t afford but with great research her style can be accomplished on a budget! Check out some of her latest designs below.

If you’re wondering where’s the best place to shop for home decor my favorites are Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon, and Houzz.


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