Melt Cosmetics Is Running Circles Around The Beauty Industry

Calling all MUA, Beauty Guru's and Cosmetic Junkies, there's a hot brand on the shelves of Sephora, Melt Cosmetics and it's well worth checking out. Eye shadow palettes, liners and lippies to name a few of the products in this vibrant line. If you're not drawn in by the unapologetic and rebel branding then the pigment and color choices each palette has will definitely pull you in. The cosmetic line includes colors that are rarely found in eye shadow pallets such as matte red, neon orange, a very pigmented lavender purple, and a soft grey. Our all time favorite are the shimmery golds and greens in the Smoke Sessions palette. Founded in 2012 by makeup industry retail workers Lora Arellano (RIGHT) and Dana Bomar (LEFT) after realizing the makeup industry was missing bold, highly pigmented lipsticks.


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