Nicki Minaj Is Back On The 'Gram and Her Absence Was Not In Vain

Nicki Minaj took a social media break last fall posting her last picture to Instagram on November 9, 2019. She sounded off about ditching the app when it was rumored that Instagram would test hiding likes. Nicki made mention to likes equaling money and asked fans to suggest another platform because she refused to post without the like feature. We get it sis, get your coins.

However, the platform has yet to remove the feature but the Nickster still ghosted social media leaving her fans sending smoke signals. As we all know, even with Minaj's new found love, the launch of her radio show and a few hits circling the charts, It just seemed Nicki Minaj couldn't hold it together. From her altercation with Cardi B, Quavo "outing" her on a diss track, and being deemed a hater to just about any female rapper that came behind name a few. It seemed in every interview the Barbie Dreams rapper was on the verge of bursting into tears.

It kinda left us wondering is she really happy. Minaj recently resurfaced to the 'gram and guess what? She looks really good, is several inches lighter and has a new feature on Meghan Trainor's 'Nice To Meet Ya.' Yes, It's a bop. We're honestly happy to have the queen back. We've been waiting a while now for her to adjust her crown. Welcome Back, Nicki!

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