Outsmart your co-sleeping toddler! Get her/him to sleep in their own bed!🙌🏾

Kick, slap, snore, drool! Yes! That was the sound and presence of my now 4 year old daughter taking over our king size bed. I hung on to the edge of “my side” of the bed, as she would lay horizontally in the center of our king.

No matter how many times! I attempted to straighten and align her body up to where we could all sleep comfortably in the king but, I would always end up with two feet in my back!

Until one night I had enough! No more broken sleep, achy backs and discomfort, I said to my Husband. He agreed. It was time to WEAN!

3 Steps I followed:

1. Make the room/bed more appealing. (Add teddy bears, little night lights, lullaby music etc.)

2.Remain in the room until she/he falls asleep. (I started off laying in her bed with her, then on the floor beside her, then I stood by the bed, then stood by the door, then, I eventually left the room.) This method is a term called “Fading.” Remember: It takes time!

3.Add activities to help relax the child before bedtime. Read bedtime stories, sing lullabies, watch gentle movies.

It was a process...about 2 and a half weeks. You must keep at it though. Its totally worth it! That first night my Husband and I slept alone was EPIC!! Take back your bed tonight! Follow these steps! Thank me later! ⚜️


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