Sis I Been Booked

Sis, you booked your dirty 30, your 40 fine, bucket list trip, and out of nowhere comes this funky ass, Coronavirus.

You need more than this mask, to save you. This is where the research comes in.. And of course I won’t go into details because I want you to be certain for yourself.

So what should you do? 1st you should study the facts on this virus. Then you should see how the area you’re flying to has been affected. From there you should reach out to the airlines and your hotel/Airbnb to find out refund and/or credit options.

After you’ve done all of the above, then you sit down with your friends, significant other, or your damn self and decide if you’re going.

What would your travel connoisseur do?

Well I have a trip coming soon to Indonesia, and SIS IS GOING! Why would one ask? Cause I’ve done my research. The allied health professional in me knows the risks and preventative measures needed. The only way my trip will not take place is if Delta cancels my flight!

This virus is a serious matter, however knowledge can make your vacation happen. I hope this helps.

Your girl,



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