Erykah Badu Verzus Jill Scott

Updated: May 9

Photo credit: BET Networks

Thanks to Timbaland and Swizz Beats, we have had our feels of when things were all good, when life was easy, when something as simple as going outside without a care was possible. To hold us over, we’ve been blessed with the lyrical geniuses of those who came and brought us music of substance, not this shit we have now.

These Verzuz challenges have been challenging but when they work, they WORK! Babyface vs Teddy Riley easily shut IG down, T-Pain vs Lil Jon was a mood too, had us like damn, I didn’t know they did that! But as we all know, women always do it better and who other than Jilly from Philly to go against the incomparable Baduism.

This is a hard one, I’m team both, but when I think about hits, I can spit Erykah Badu hits out without stuttering. But when Jill performs live it just does something to me..this is a tough one, but I’ll be front and center waiting to hand the thrown over to E. Badu, but that’s just my opinion, who you got sis?

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