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You can find me on someone’s tropical island sipping something strong and fruity! Like many of you, I had tons of vacations lined up, one of which that was won thanks to one of my favorite sites, the Zoe Report. Yes, a trip to the beautiful Nihi Sumba Resort on the island of Sumba. Instead I’m here writing to you on my sofa.

Needless to say, that Fall is about to be a lituation! I’ve pushed all of my trips back to 2021 with the exception of Cuba and some trips within the states.

So let’s talk travel post COVID-19. The reality of it all, is that we don’t know when we’ll be able to travel again. We could only hope for late Summer but who knows. One thing for sure is that when we are free again expect to see an increase in flight costs. These airlines and hotels have to make up the money lost while waiting on government bailouts. So, if I were you I’d highly suggest you buy tickets now for later because if you wait you will pay premium. I’d rather have the credit or get a refund than to pay an Exuberant amount in the end.

Stay safe ladies, keep ordering the looks, booking those trips, cause when we’re free, No one Is safe! We’re making up for this lockdown one destination at a time!


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